Want To Wake Up To Hair Volume? 6 Bedtime Products That Work

The single hair hack that has changed my life is overnight hairstyling. I mean, you’re telling me that my hair can look amazing, and all I have to do is sleep? Sold. There are a few more steps involved, but still, overnight styles that create volume, curls and body are practically hair miracles. If you have thin, limp hair that breaks, you’re probably already familiar with teasing, backcombing and walking around with a can of volumizing hair spray in your purse. If you're in search of more volume, that doesn’t have to be your life — especially if you start styling your hair before bed.

Getting overnight volume is as simple as throwing damp hair up into a topknot before you sleep. That way, hair dries overnight, resulting in lifted roots that makes hair look thicker. If you want volume and a gorgeous head full of curls overnight, all you need is a few products. While it’ll take some time to prepare this overnight style, I’d take an hour before bed used to style my hair over waking up early to try to get volume that might not even last throughout the day, anyway. Read on for the best overnight bedtime hair products for volume.

Let A Topknot Do The Work For You


Before you hop into bed, pile your hair on top of your head into a topknot. When you do this (especially on damp hair) it dries with your roots upward. When you unravel your hair in the morning, it'll fall with extra volume at your root without you even having to try. But if you want an even more volumizing topknot, you can take it to the next level with these three products that make for the perfect volumizing combo.

1. First, Amp Up Your Top Knot With A Root Booster

Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray Redken, $28, Amazon

This works best if you work with damp hair, but you could spray this hydrolized wheat protein booster (for volume and anti-breakage) on dry roots, too. Either way, it'll give your roots lift and hold for the next steps.

2. Then, Use A Targeted Blowdryer To Set The Volume

Conair 3-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Brush Combo, $20, Amazon

After you spray your roots, you'll want to set the volume. This blowdryer tool is amazing because it is easier to maneuver than a classic blowdryer, thanks to its sleek, handheld shape. It also has 3 attachments: a tourmaline ceramic-coated thermal brush, a nylon/boar bristle brush, and a concentrator. Work the bristle attachment through your roots to create even more lift. Use the concentrator to get into hard-to-reach spots, too!

3. Ensure Extra-Secure Hold For Guaranteed Volume

Goldrose Beauty Buns, $10, Amazon

After taking care of your roots, it's time to get to the topknot. Unlike your regular messy topknot, you'll want to make sure that this one is secure for bedtime. Instead of an everyday ponytail holder, use an extra-secure bun maker. This one is easy to use and has velcro pieces to keep hair in place for even the roughest sleepers. When you wake up in the morning and take out your topknot, you'll have so much volume, you won't know what to do with yourself.

Or For Overnight Volume, You Can Also Create Curls While You Sleep


Manipulating hair texture is one of the greatest ways to get volume — you can go from limp and straight to big and wavy — but if you've tried using a curling iron to get same-day curls, you know they can drop to limp squiggles in an instant. Instead, go for a style that sets overnight for long-lasting curls with amazing volume.

1. Start Off With This Vegan Hair Balm That Thickens Like No Other

Alterna Hemp Strength Natural Thickening Compound, $50, Amazon

To give the curls you're about to create a little more hold, you'll need a styling product, but this balm does so much more than offer hold. With its hemp Enzymetherapy ingredients, it increases hair density, while adding body and control. Just comb this through damp hair before your blowout!

2. Then, Wrap Your Still Warm Hair Around Rods To Curl

20 per pack Soft Wire Flexible Foam Hair Curlers, $25, Amazon

This step is what gives your hair the curl, but it's important to do it while your hair is still warm from the blowdryer (try wrapping section by section as you go!). The heat will define the curl, but the magic is what happens overnight — your hair will cool down, setting the curl in place for as long as you sleep, getting body and volume with staying power. In the morning, you'll unravel amazing curls. (Pro Tip: Fluff them out and tease for more volume!)

3. Don't Wash Your Hair Every Night — Instead, Use Powder To Absorb Oils & Create Fullness

Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Body Boost Powder, $25, Amazon

If you have thin, limp hair, it gets oily fast. Because of that, you probably end up washing and styling it often, which creates the tension that breaks thin hair. It's a vicious cycle! Instead of washing your hair before bed, dust in this powder that reviewers are calling "the most incredible hair product for people with thin fine hair!" It'll work even better over night because it has extra time to absorb the oil and plump your locks.

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