Easy ‘Mr. Robot’ Costume Ideas That Even A Casual Fan Can Put Together

There's no denying that when it comes to being mysterious on Halloween, dressing up as one of the characters from Mr. Robot is the way to go. Each character is just as mysterious as the last, enigmatic to the core and each have a sharp style all their own. If you were left as breathless from Season 2 as I was, then you'll probably already have visions of the perfect fsociety costume floating around in your head. But for the casual viewer, creating a Halloween costume in the style of Mr. Robot is just as easy too because —get this—it's all about keeping comfortable and staying under the radar. That means hoodies, backpacks, masks and comfort all the way. Don't worry about getting Joanna Wellick-levels of fancy. You can certainly go that route but in truth, there's more than one way to personalize a Mr. Robot character to your level of Halloween style.

Which is why I'm here to show you just how easy it is to re-create some of the most iconic Season 2 Mr. Robot looks. There's plenty of room to make each costume your own. Here's some ideas to get the creative juices flowing and hack your way to the best Halloween ever.

Elliot Alderson


What You'll Need: Elliot is the ultimate hacker and leader of the fsociety. If you're going as Elliot this Halloween, you'll want to make sure you stay as undercover as possible. You'll need a hoodie, some baggy jeans and a non-descript T-shirt and a backpack to store all your stolen goods, er, I mean candy.

Where To Find It: Keep a low profile with a classic hoodie, like this one from Hanes ($10.63).

Don't forget to get the perfect backpack to hide those files and/or candy, like this understated blue number ($18.58):



What You'll Need: Darlene is ridiculously cool. She's a hacker, programmer, horror movie buff and the epitome of elusive. Why wouldn't you want to emulate her for Halloween? You'll need her heart-shaped sunglasses and an street-style bomber jacket. You'll also need to go for dramatic smoky eyes, a messy bun and a devil-may-care attitude.

Where To Find It: You'll definitely need to start with Darlene's iconic heart-shaped glasses, like these ($2.24).

Then you can go one of two ways for Darlene's on-point jacket style. Go for a sharp bomber jacket ($11.10-$17.53):

Get Darlene's smoky eye with lots of dark eyeshadow and mascara. Hint: Go for Nyx Matte Eyeshadow in Skinny Dip ($6.29). Make sure to complete the look with a messy bun and a lollipop (smoking kills, kids!) for full bad-ass hacker effect.

FSociety Member


What You'll Need: The fsociety mask is as scary and ominous as an slasher's mask from a classic horror film. But Freddy and Jason can move right on over because this Halloween, the only way to go is by donning that eerily joyful fsociety mask and giving your friends the elitist chills. You'll need an fsociety mask, a top hat or black hoodie and some dark jeans to pull this look off because (duh) you don't want to give away your identity.

Where To Find It: The first thing you must do is get your authentic fsociety mask at Amazon ($12.90).

Make sure to cap things off with a top hat ($7.99) so that you can add that extra pomp and circumstance without giving away your true identity too.

And if you really want to sell your friends on the notion that yes, you are indeed the leader of the fsociety, make sure you have a pair of white gloves ($3.88) and tuxedo jacket ($9.99-$28.99).

The Alternate Reality Mr. Robot Cast

Mr. Robot on YouTube

What You'll Need: The most intriguing and darkly comic moment from the second season of Mr. Robot was the alternate reality '90s sitcom show opener. In the intro, the cast is introduced Full House-style with their names placed in bright yellow font. If you want to try and tackle one of your favorite characters in a cheery tone like this video, you'll need to find your best '90s duds. It's all about the mom jeans, Darlene's patchwork shorts, side ponytail and tropical T-shirt, Angela's hoop earrings and lace dress and, if you want to be especially niche, Mr. Robot's hospital gown. Add extra flair by making a sign with your name on it in yellow letters to hang around your neck, announcing your arrival in style.

Where To Find It: If you want to go for Darlene's '90s style, make sure to get her tropical-print T-shirt ($25.58), and scrunchie ($6.59) for the perfect side pony.

Or go for Angela's funeral style with this lacy dress ($12.88-$17.88) and her big golden hoop earrings ($9.99) and make sure to keep that ponytail high and severe. For added effect, add some streaming mascara to your cheeks and keep a tissue at the ready.

Or, if you want to emulate Mr. Robot's hospital style, spring for the classic hospital gown ($10.50) and his black glasses ($9.49). Add a little stubble (if you can't grow your own) by lightly streaking brown eyeliner on your face. Get a soft, subtle look with a felt-tipped brown liner, like Jolie Cosmetics Eyebrow Definer Pen ($14.95) to seal the deal.

Dominique DiPierro


What You'll Need: You'll want to go the FBI route if you want to channel Dominique's tough, government agent style. She's a steely character, so make sure you have that attitude locked in when you head out the door on Halloween. Additionally, you should be outfitted in an FBI-brand windbreaker, smart black trousers, aviator glasses and a sensible, no-nonsense hairstyle (might I recommend a chignon?)

Where To Find It: First things first: the FBI get-up found on Amazon is affordable ($29.99) and authentic. Sweet!

Make sure to accessorize with aviator sunglasses ($7.15) so you can show those trick-or-treaters who runs the show around here.

Are you inspired to go full Mr. Robot this year?

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