7 Totally Twisted 'Mr. Robot' Season 2 Theories

In the words of The Carpenters, fans have only just begun to see what Sam Esmail has in store for Mr. Robot, which makes it the perfect time to come up with completely wacky theories about Mr. Robot Season 2. While I'd typically prefer to go for the ride that showrunner Esmail has planned without trying to figure it out too much, with this Season 2 theory about where Elliot really is picking up steam (more on that later), I can't help but be intrigued. Because Mr. Robot betrayed viewers' trust once (or twice) before, fans and professional TV writers alike aren't taking anything for granted in the sophomore season, which leads to some very curious hypotheses about where the story is going.

As I busy myself worrying about what Angela is up to working for E Corp (she's gotta be planning to destroy them from the inside, right?), other viewers are understandably concerning themselves more with what's real and what's only happening in Elliot's mind. Because Elliot is such an unreliable narrator, nothing he does, says, or narrates can be trusted and that's where most of the really insane theories stem from — the state of Elliot's mind.

Just like the experience of watching Elliot on Mr. Robot, these following theories might be really out there, but they are still fun to take in and discuss. See for yourself by reading these seven theories based on the first three episodes of Season 2.

Elliot's In Prison

After the two-hour premiere, Reddit user Extenso threw out the particularly fascinating theory that Elliot's strict routine at his mother's house is actually his delusional interpretation of being in prison for hacking E Corp. Some variations of the theory, like Vulture's take, have Elliot being in a psychiatric hospital, but either way, he's institutionalized. While the July 20 episode "eps2.1k3rnel-pan1c.ksd" didn't 100 percent debunk this theory, I expect that fans should get some clarity when Darlene comes to visit. However, as you embark on the rest of this list, note that many of the following theories stem from this one.

Elliot's Mom Is Dead

As I mentioned, this can go hand in hand with the prison/institutionalized theory, but some fans on Twitter have noted that they thought Elliot's mom was dead from how she was discussed in Season 1. If she is dead, it does support that "Elliot's mom" in Season 2 is actually a guard of some sort at the institution Elliot is being held at. Regardless, I have a lot of questions about his abusive mom and why she hasn't been given the opportunity to really speak for herself.

Leon Is A Figment Of Elliot's Imagination

Viewers have noted that Elliot's relationship with his lunch buddy, the Seinfeld-loving Leon, doesn't make much sense. Because of that, MTV theorized that Leon is not a real person and just in Elliot's mind. However, MTV also was smart enough to acknowledge that maybe he is real because clearly, it's never safe to assume anything on Mr. Robot. Yet, Leon either being a figment of Elliot's imagination — or a fellow inmate/patient — would help explain their seemingly random relationship.

Ray & Dom Are The Same Person

While I think the July 20 episode has helped to invalidate this theory since both Craig Robinson's Ray was Grace Gummer's Dominique were given ample screen time (and viewers were given more insight into their real intentions), this theory is so fascinatingly bonkers that I must acknowledge it. Jeff Jensen from Entertainment Weekly speculated before episode "eps2.1k3rnel-pan1c.ksd" that Ray and Dom are actually the same FBI agent. In this theory, Dominique is the real-life version, while Ray is the version that Elliot perceives, but given what went down in "eps2.1k3rnel-pan1c.ksd," I feel confident saying that Ray and Dom are two very different people who just happen to be involved in Elliot's life.

Tyrell & Elliot Are The Same Person

Before Season 2 even started, fans wondered if Elliot and Tyrell are the same person and I will be the first to acknowledge that the fandom might have gone too far with these "two characters are the same character" theories. Most fans do think Tyrell is his own person and I'd prefer for this theory to stop gaining traction since I want them to be two different characters. But as fans on Twitter noticed, Elliot talking to Tyrell on the phone in the second and third episodes of Season 2 didn't help clear anything up. Even if they aren't the same person, Elliot's conversation with Tyrell could have easily been in his mind. That doesn't prove Tyrell is Elliot by any means, but it does confuse matters. However, I'd rather move on from that and plead that someone please give me a plausible theory on where Tyrell actually is. How I miss this psycho!

Mr. Robot Is Responsible For Gideon's Murder

After the Season 2 premiere, TV Guide proposed that Mr. Robot (aka Elliot) had Gideon killed. With Romero also being murdered in the third episode, Mobley told Darlene that he thinks Elliot could have something to do with these deaths. Mobley thinks that Elliot has given up fsociety to the Dark Army, but I'm with Darlene that Mobley shouldn't say what he's thinking. Elliot may be Darlene's "crazy-ass brother" (Mobley's words, not mine), but I don't think he'd betray fsociety — no matter his mental state.

Elliot Is A Pokémon

As Twitter user steadybloggin wrote after the Season 2 premiere, Elliot is actually a Pokémon and his mom's house is a poké ball. With "Pokémon Go" making Pokémon bigger than ever and all of the crazy shenanigans that go down during Mr. Robot, there's is something refreshing simple and attractive about this joke theory.

As only three episodes have aired and Mr. Robot Season 2 will have 12 total, there will be plenty more theories where these came from. And despite fans continuing to theorize about what's really going in the series, I don't anticipate getting very many real answers anytime too soon.

Images: Peter Kramer (7), Michael Parmelee/USA Network