7 YouTube Beauty Discount Codes You Need To Know

Saying that YouTube gurus and beauty influencers are powerful players in the cosmetic and beauty world is an understatement, and brands seem to know this. As a result, YouTube beauty discount codes are some of the best discounts fans can score thanks to some of their favorite beauty vloggers. Being a subscriber to your favorite YouTube channel very literally pays off. While criticism may be lobbed at YouTubers for supporting products they don't believe in just for an affiliate kick back, they are quick to dismiss those claims, and for fans, that's enough.

It's the criticism from viewers that make affiliate and discount codes somewhat controversial especially when it comes to monthly favorite videos and reviews. While the hesitancy to trust YouTubers if they're getting paid for discount codes used and good reviews made is valid, one of the major markers of a true belief in a product is repeated use. YouTubers like MannyMUA, Jaclyn Hill, and Alexandra Garza repeatedly utilize the products they rave about and have for years — Morphe anyone?

Plus, like brands, YouTube gurus' influence is only as good as their subscriber numbers and reach. Any influencer touting a product that is truly sub-par is clearly going to have it effect their believability and respect in the beauty community. No one wants that. Plus, can we not just believe people anymore? Naive, maybe. Optimistic, sure.

So what YouTube affiliate and discount codes can save you money on new products? Brace yourself because there are a lot.

1. Sigma Brushes

Sigma collaborates with tons of YouTube gurus. Typically, the brand offers 10 percent off to subscribers of affiliate YouTube channels.

2. Morphe Brushes

Of course Morphe Brushes had to make the list. This brand's already low prices are lowered even more with your favorite YouTuber's affiliate discount code. Like Sigma, Morphe offers 10 percent off.

3. Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Cosmetics' new highlights have been blowing up the internet and for good reason. They look stunning, and you can snag a discount. With 15 percent off your purchase, what's not to love?

4. OFRA Cosmetics

OFRA has affiliations with several YouTube gurus, but not all of them have collaborated with brand like Kathleen Lights has. Her discount code will you get 30 percent off your purchase.

5. Juvia's Place

Juvia's Place is a new product on the YouTube scene, but it's well-loved. The shadows are already affordable, but a discount code makes that even more true.

6. Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics is another YouTuber favorite brand, and their affiliate code is bomb. You can get up to 25 percent off.

7. Nubounsom Lashes

If you're a lash junkie, the Nubounsom Lashes have been blowing up as of late, and they offer 20 percent off with YouTuber discount codes.

While these codes feature specific YouTube videos, if you want to support your favorites, head over to their channels, check in their description boxes, and use their codes instead. The best thing about affiliate and discount codes is that the percentage off is almost always the same across YouTube channels, so support your faves and save some money!

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