Why Josh & Shea's Romance On 'Transparent' Is Important, Even If It Briefly Takes Him Away From Raquel

Now that Transparent Season 3 is here, there's one character in particular (aside from Maura) that fans will see undergoing a great deal of change this year. This character I'm referring to is Josh, who will be getting a new love interest in Shea — the sassy yoga instructor we've come to love and one of Maura's closest trans friends. So does this mean Josh and Raquel won't get back together? According to Trace Lysette, who plays Shea, she won't serve as just a brief fling for Josh — rather, their relationship turns into quite the romantic storyline.

"A romance blooms with Josh, and it's really sweet," Lysette reveals to reporters during a Transparent press event. "It's lovely to see a trans woman being admired in that way, in a romantic way, not just in a let me use you and throw you away kind of way." The initial attraction happens in Episode 3 and you can tell instantly by the look on Josh's face that he feels drawn to her, something which will continue to be explored as the season progresses.

Some fans may feel sad about what this could mean for Josh and Raquel, who split shortly after Raquel's miscarriage back in Season 2. But, don't let your former 'shipping of this couple prevent you from seeing how truly special and important this new romance is. Plus, it doesn't necessarily mean Josh and Raquel won't find their way back to each other eventually. But what he ends up sharing with Shea is very real and could very well turn this man-child into the great guy we know is buried deep down within all of that immaturity. "Even for however long, it's just nice to see that wholesome exchange between the two of them, between a cis hetero-man and a trans woman," Lysette explains. "It's revolutionary."

However, that's not the only facet of Shea's life that will end up getting explored, including a bit more about her backstory and branching off from the Maura-Davina dynamic. "You definitely see into her life some more," says Lysette. "I think she has a little break of independence and you get to see Shea as a separate entity from Maura and Davina, that trio, which is really cool." I didn't think it was possible, but it's looking more and more likely that Transparent's third installment could very well be their best season yet.

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