Get To Know Rob & Chyna's Nanny Joy

For anyone who watched the ~explosive~ season premiere of Rob & Chyna, you know that Nanny Joy, Chyna's nanny for her 3-year-old son, King Cairo, was the comforting, but firm, voice of reason throughout the episode. Whether that was in relation to little King washing his toy car (like any nanny for a Kardashian or Kardashian-adjacent family, Nanny Joy points out: "You gotta wash the rims! You can't have a clean car and dirty rims") or to Chyna herself (Nanny Joy makes a valid point that she can't just keep kicking Kardashian out of the house whenever she gets mad), Nanny Joy is straight-up the best person on the show so far. I mean, Cosmo even declared that she's worthy of her own spin-off (and it's true). So, just in time for the second episode of Rob & Chyna (airing this Sunday), let's get to know Nanny Joy a little bit better.

Truth be told, there isn't too much information about Nanny Joy out there (what is her last name, for example?), but what I do know about her, I love. Nanny Joy is caring and kind, but she also isn't afraid to talk some sense into Chyna when she needs it the most. NANNY JOY 4 LIFE.

She's Been King's Nanny Since He Was Born

"Nanny Joy has been around since King was born," Kardashian reveals in the premiere ep. "She's a big help, and she's always there for Chyna."

She's A Mother Figure To Chyna

"I'm going to talk to you like a mom talks to a daughter," Nanny Joy — she really is a joy — says to Chyna in the debut ep, sitting her down on the couch for a serious heart-to-heart after Chyna kicks out her beau for the umpteenth time. (Plus, if teasers for the rest of the season of Rob & Chyna are any indication, it looks like Chyna doesn't have the best relationship with her own mom, so it makes sense that Nanny Joy would kinda step in.)

She Gives Her Some Seriously Good Advice

Nanny Joy is like a wise sage. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, but tells it like it is in a real, yet, gentle tone: "Every time you guys have an argument — let's say you're arguing at one o' clock in the morning — you're going to throw him out?" she questions Chyna. "Does that make sense?" PREACH, Nanny Joy.

And She Makes A Mean Chow Mein

Nanny Joy's secret recipe, y'all.

Here's to more Rob & Chyna and Snapchat appearances for Nanny Joy. One step closer to that spin-off!