Things Don't Look Awesome For Rob & Chyna's Future

Since they first took their relationship public earlier this year, I have been simultaneously perplexed and intrigued by Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna as a couple. It was surprising when they quickly announced their engagement and even more shocking when news of Chyna's pregnancy broke. But when it comes to their reality show, I saw it coming a mile away. After Kardashian has been part of Keeping Up for so long, his own show seems like the next obvious step for him, and I'm looking forward to seeing him and Chyna in action when it premieres later this month. But Kardashian and Chyna constantly fight in a new preview of Rob & Chyna , and it has me a little worried about the future of their relationship.

Remember how the first promo for the show included Chyna screaming at Kardashian for talking to other women (but in less delicate terms)? Yeah, it's like that, but much worse. Of course, their lives together have to be more than just the moments in this preview that includes less than two minutes of footage, but that footage shows a lot of different arguments. And when these two argue, it's every bit as explosive as you'd imagine.

There's a lot going on here. One minute, they seem in love and excited about their lives together, and in other moments, they're at each other's throats. There's twerking, tongue piercing, and strip club visits, but then there are also volatile fights and a serious lack of communication. Kardashian comes home with flowers as an apology, and Chyna immediately chucks them into the pool. And then, there's also the regular bickering that most couples face.

The only problem? Most couples don't fight quite this much — at least, not the ones who are in happy, functioning relationships. It shouldn't be this difficult in the beginning, contrary to what Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, tells him in the preview. This is when they should be super in love and obsessed with each other, and based on these clips alone, it seems like they're always on the edge of a dramatic breakup.

But if you're rooting for them, all hope isn't lost. It's important to remember that this is just a tiny peek into their daily lives together, and they are under a lot more pressure than most new couples face. Take out the cameras, the internet haters, and the fact that the entire world is basically just waiting for their relationship to implode, and it's still a lot. Pregnancy and moving in together all within the first year? Anybody would argue, even if this is a super exaggerated example of this.

And who knows? It could all just be show for the E! cameras, and I can't complain about that, because I live for dramatic reality TV. No matter what happens, I'm looking forward to seeing Rob & Chyna, even if it does end in a total trainwreck. But I'm still hoping that it doesn't!