Is 'Mr. Robot' On Netflix? The Emmy-Nominated Drama Is As Elusive As It's Main Character

One of the most pleasantly surprising Emmy nominees is Mr. Robot, an unconventional thriller on the USA Network that is just finishing up Season 2. When new shows get Emmy attention, a lot of people are stirred to finally check it out in a short span of time. However, Mr. Robot is not on Netflix because the streaming rights belong exclusively to Amazon Prime. Even if you aren't catching up for the Emmys, you're definitely going to want to watch before Mr. Robot Season 3.

Mr. Robot stars Rami Malek, one of the nominees on Sunday, as well as Christian Slater and Carly Chaikin. It's about a programmer who lives a double life as a vigilante, but like most heroes has no idea what he has gotten himself into... on top of his own personal paranoias. If hackers and computer science doesn't sound thrilling to you, Mr. Robot is definitely something to check out right now.

You can watch Season 1 on Amazon right now. If you finish that and still need more, you can also catch episodes, Season 2 included, on USA's website and app with your cable information. So that's two pretty sure-fire ways to stream the series right now.


However, if Netflix is your only option, you can find Malek on Netflix in Short Term 12, Larry Crowne, and Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. Some of Slater's streaming films on Netflix include Heathers, Robin Hood, and Ask Me Anything. Creator Sam Esmail's film Comet is on Netflix, and Grace Gummer, who appeared in Season 2, can be found on Netflix in Frances Ha and Larry Crowne as well. You can support Mr. Robot with your streaming habits in many ways, and fingers crossed that the show gets some love on Emmy Sunday!

Image: Michael Parmelee/USA Network