21 Concerts Every ‘90s Kid Went To Or Wanted To Go To

Are you a dyed-in-the-wool pop music fan? Were you born in the ‘80s or the early ‘90s? Do you enjoy live music? If you replied "Duh doye" to all three of those questions, then I would be down to bet a Furby, a Nano Baby, a pair of Moon Shoes, a Burger King Bart Simpson doll, a dozen holographic Pokémon cards, a tube full of pogs, and one of those gnarly metal pog slammers that you really, really, really, really want a zig-a-zig-ah. Er, wait. Let me try that again: I would bet all of those things that you, you pop music- and concert-loving '90s kid, wanted to go to and/or went to at least one live show in the '90s and/or early '00s. Which live show(s)? Oh, I am thrilled you asked.

Below you will find a list of '90s/'00s tours that should speak to all of my fellow pop music-obsessed '90s kids. Whether you attended all of the concerts included in this roundup*, one of the concerts, a few of the concerts, or none of the concerts, you *get* their power; these weren't just any tours, but The Pop Tours To Go To In The '90s And Early '00s.

Here are some of the pop concerts '90s kids wanted to be a part of:

1. The Spice Girls — The Spiceworld Tour

Spice97World on YouTube

This one's a no-brainer.

2. TLC — The FanMail Tour

CyberTLC World on YouTube

Oh, what have we here? One of the greatest groups of all time crushing it in concert? Great, grand, wonderful.

3. No Doubt – The Tragic Kingdom World Tour

pepito50 on YouTube

Gwen Stefani has always been everything and she will always be everything. Full stop.

4. Hanson — The Albertane Tour

90sHanson on YouTube

"MMMbop" stuck in your head now? You're welcome.

5. The Total Request Live Tour

SashaFierceRocks on YouTube

The TRL Tour brought the fire in a big way: The goddesses of Destiny's Child were the headliners. But wait, there’s more: 3LW, Dream, Eve, Nelly, Jessica Simpson, and City High were on the bill, too.

(I couldn't find any footage of the TRL Tour, but I hope this Jam in the Park video makes up for it.)

6. New Kids on the Block — The Magic Summer Tour

This ad is the right stuff.

7. Janet Jackson — The Velvet Rope Tour

Janet Aaliyah on YouTube

Don't mind Janet J. as she wipes the floor with every mortal within a two-mile radius.

8. *NSYNC — The No Strings Attached Tour

missjaneyville on YouTube

Tissue paper money, a gurney, a detachable stage, a Justin Timberlake beatbox break— this concert really had it all.

9. Britney Spears — The …Baby One More Time Tour

Albinainparadise on YouTube

Those Skechers are my everything.

10. Madonna — The Drowned World Tour

MadonnaLiveTV on YouTube

<3 Queen Madge <3

11. Ricky Martin — The Livin’ La Vida Loca Tour

EJMMlover on YouTube

Just the best.

12. Backstreet Boys — The Into The Millennium Tour

cheerpup on YouTube

Yes, please.

13. Brandy — The Never Say Never World Tour

Jorge Q on YouTube

Not to be confused with the Justin Bieber tour.

14. Whitney Houston — The My Love Is Your Love World Tour

Aksonnn on YouTube

Chills on chills on chills.

15. Shania Twain — The Come On Over Tour

TiagoBrazilShania on YouTube

This tour does impress me much. (Sorry.)

16. Mariah Carey — The Daydream World Tour

StonewinnerJPN on YouTube


17. Blink-182 — The Mark, Tom & Travis Show

mlg182 on YouTube

The second half of this live album is a masterwork.

18. Céline Dion — The Let's Talk About Love Tour

Dário Falardo on YouTube

This tour was *takes deep breath* titanic.

19. Britney Spears — The Oops! ...I Did It Again Tour

It's Britney/ Britney on YouTube

Yeah, yeah. It's another Britney Spears tour. But I couldn't not include both.

20. Janet Jackson — The janet. World Tour

subzro1 on YouTube

Yeah, yeah. It's another Janet Jackson tour. But I couldn't not include both.

21. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — TMNT Coming Out Of Their Shells

Mike E. Perez on YouTube

Duh doye.

*If you were lucky enough to score tickets to all of these tours, I envy you on a very real level. Way to live the dream, buddy. Way to live the dream.