Paul's 'BB18' Bromances Were The Best

When it comes to the grandest showmances of Big Brother 18 , you might be quick to forget about Paul's Casanova-esque status in the house. Sure, Paul may not have been getting romantic like James and Natalie or Nicole and Corey, but your boy was definitely getting all kinds of bromantic—and that's the kind of showmance that counts the most. Friday's episode reminded us that Paul was the biggest proponent of "friendship first" in the Big Brother 18 house. Week after week, we would get a peek into Paul's evolving friendships and alliances in the house. He was not only a deeply loyal friend, he was also one of the liveliest characters in the house. This made him pure bromance catnip. In the end, it was his friendships with Victor and Paulie that will live on in Big Brother infamy because they are indeed the most bromantic of the bunch.

Think I'm kidding? Or did you already forget how excited Paul was when Victor came back into the Big Brother 18 house for a third time? How about the recap on tonight's episode where we got to see Paul and Victor so comfortable with each other and their own friendship that they weren't afraid to get real with each other. Victor and Paul by far had one of the best friendships, hands down, during Big Brother 18. They were two of a kind, the best peas in one weird Big Brother pod. They had each other's backs since Day 1 and never sold each other out to further their own games. They could laugh, bicker, compete and chill as BFF's and guys, there's really nothing more beautiful than that.

Let's not forget about Paul's bromance with Paulie. Cemented in the Big Brother 18 annals as #BBTwinsies, Paulie slowly adopted Paul's style and morphed into Paul with sleeveless hoodies, hair shaved into a faux-hawk and even grew out his beard. They played chess during the day and joked all night. Paul took it as a compliment that Paulie wanted to emulate his personal style. I think we can all agree that Paulie and Paul's twinsie friendship was the epitome of magical. Right? In case you need a refresher, just watch the video below to see how perfect their bromance was.

No matter who wins Big Brother 18, the real winner is Paul. He came away with two amazing bromances and the wild, wacky experience of competing on a game show. Honestly, could there be a better way to spend a summer?

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy