The First 'Jane The Virgin' Season 3 Teaser Hints That Michael Could Survive — VIDEO

Like any good telenovela, Jane the Virgin thrives on a complicated plot. That's why when Michael Cordero was shot in the last moments of the May Season 2 finale, I wasn't so quick to write him off as dead. Now, with a new Jane The Virgin Season 3 promo that totally focuses on Jane's new (but possibly deceased?) husband, it's time we start taking the "Is Michael really dead?" question seriously. Thanks to some intel actor Brett Dier gave Bustle about his character back in May, fans already knew Dier would be a part of Season 3 — we all just didn't know in what capacity. In the same interview, Dier said that there were essentially three options for his character: "Option a): he is revealed in a Lavender Vase, hand picked by Rogelio where his ashes will be held; b): a Lavender coffin, hand picked by Rogelio where his body lies; c): in a hospital bed. Not sure if it will be Lavender sheets, but I'm sure if Rogelio had the option, they would be."

Thanks to the Season 3 trailer, we know that "C" was the chosen option (though we are still unclear about the Lavender sheets part, fingers crossed.)

In the new trailer — titled "Magical Beginnings" — Jane visits Michael in the hospital, and... it's not looking so good for him. However, Michael's in this trailer. Sure, he has no lines and he doesn't appear to be well, but he's there, alive and breathing. This means that it's too early to give up hope on his recovery — especially because Jane says "This is not the end of our story. Do you hear me, Michael?” Sure, she could be talking about any number of things, but the glaringly obvious point is that this is not the end. Jane's willing it so.

Plus, there's this smiling and cheery pic that Rodriguez tweeted out on On August 9. It shows Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni (Rafael Solano) with Dier on set, and they all look great. Does this look like the face of a dead man?

OK, so that doesn't prove much, but this might: Just four weeks ago, Rodriguez posted the following on her Instagram with the most telling caption ever: "My favorite TV hubby."

Notice how she didn't say dead TV hubby or ex-TV hubby. She's speaking in present tense. Also, please take note of what Dier's wearing. It's not a hospital gown — it's his police uniform.

Dier's appearance on set could be for any number of things. Perhaps it's for flashback purposes or maybe some type of dream sequence, given the often fantastical nature of Jane the Virgin. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a bit of both while the showrunners keep Michael's fate unclear for as long as they can. It's not clear whether or not he will ever reach full recovery. But, what I do know is this: never to rule a death out on TV entirely, especially in a telenovela, and especially in Jane the Virgin where Jane's happiness is usually put above everything else.

What I'm saying is, please bring Michael back? Not even for me, but for Jane.

Kidding. Mostly for me and my fragile heart. Find out what happens when Jane The Virgin Season 3 premieres on October 17.

Images: The CW