Where To Buy Kat Von D's Shade + Light Contour Refillable Pans, Because This Kit Just Got Better

Stop what you're doing, because big makeup news is here. After keeping fans waiting for a while, Kat Von D Beauty finally announced that they will be selling Shade + Light Contour Palette refills soon. *Cue the excitement.* There's a lot more about the launch to look forward too as well. Where can you buy the contour and highlight refillable pans? As of now there's only one online place to shop the six shades.

In my opinion, the Shade + Light Contour Palette is one of the best out there. It came out at the height of the contouring trend and flew off both real and virtual shelves for the first few months that it was out. The only problem with this dream product was that once you used up all your favorite shades, you'd have to buy a completely new palette. Well, not anymore!

Shade + Light Contour Palette, $46, Sephora

According to Kat Von D Beauty's Instagram post, they will now be launching refillable pans of the six contour and highlight shades. As of Sept. 27, the refills will be available at Sephora.com. Bustle has reached out to Sephora to see whether the products will also be in-stores. Either way, you now have a quick, easy way to extend the longevity of your Shade + Light Contour Palette.

Shade + Light Contour Refills, $14, Sephora

That's not the only exciting news, either. It says in the social media post that the company is working on new Shade + Light colors as well. Unfortunately, they won't be out until sometime next year, but it's still pretty exciting news. This brand just keeps getting better and better.

Shade + Light Contour Palette, $46, Sephora

If you're wondering what took the brand so long to come out with single pans, I have the answer for you. Kat Von D was working on making all of the contour and highlights shades vegan, according to her Instagram. Some of the colors had carmine in them, a red dye made in part from, well, bugs. Now all the shades are free of animal products and therefore everyone can use them.

I absolutely love that the brand works so hard to reformulate and perfect their products. They have a long list of vegan products from their line, and it doesn't look like they're slowing down anytime soon.

Images: katvondbeauty/Instagram (1)