Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Are BFF Goals

Arya and Sansa Stark barely tolerated each other onscreen in Game Of Thrones, but the actresses who play the Stark sisters are total BFF goals in real life. Case-in-point: Because Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have never been shy about sharing their friendship with the world, they both got some new ink to prove their off-screen sisterhood is forever. In other words: Entertainment Weekly reports Williams and Turner got matching tattoos at a tattoo parlor in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Now, when you watch Game of Thrones Season 7 you can remember this was the time where Williams and Turner's friendship became too beautiful for you to handle.

These two actresses have grown up together, and clearly found kindred spirits in each other. It's not a huge surprise: they have shared the life-changing experience of being part of the most popular show on television together. One look at either Williams or Turner's Instagram feed reveals how much these two young women love spending time together, and they always have nothing but kind things to say about each other in interviews. Getting matching tattoos is a big step in any friendship, but if any friends should feel confident about such a permanent bond, it is Williams and Turner.

The duo have chosen not to share their tattoos just yet, but their tattoo artist Miss Kat Paine confirmed the actresses asked for matching designs on Facebook. She also posted the most adorable picture of Williams and Turner at her parlor. Just look at these two and their amazing, BFF selves.

If you thought the whole matching tattoo thing was enough evidence that Williams and Turner's friendship is forever, then you clearly haven't seen the after photo. Williams took to her Instagram feed to post a photo of herself napping on Turner's shoulder. The photo is captioned "07.08.09," which could be a significant date for the besties given the fact that the Game of Thrones pilot was filmed in 2009. Could this be the date Williams and Turner met for the first time? And, if it is the date of the first day they met, how sweet is it that they remember?

Honestly, these two are the best example of BFF goals. Since they are actresses, Williams and Turner have crazy schedules, and there are probably times when they aren't even on the same continent — but now their special bond has been turned into a tattoo that will remind them both that they have each other's back whether they are hanging out onset or are miles away from each other.

The Stark girls could learn a thing or two from their awesome portrayers about valuing the amazing women in their lives. Williams and Turner are officially my BFF heroes.