There Are Reports Of An Explosion In New York City

by Chris Tognotti

According to reports and accounts from media outlets and social media users alike, there's been an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, in the borough of Manhattan. There hasn't been any indication what caused the explosion just yet, but it was reported by several different people nearby that the blast was extremely audible. There's already no shortage of tweets surfacing showing a somewhat chaotic scene, with emergency and law enforcement vehicles already present. Update: ABC noted later Saturday night that roughly 25 people had been injured, but all injuries were minor. Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement that the explosion appeared to be "intentional," but not terrorism.

According to New York City's PIX11, a local CW affiliate, the FDNY has confirmed the explosion ― it reportedly took place at 1535 23rd Street, between the blocks of Sixth and Seventh. It's important to note that in the immediate aftermath of disastrous events like these, information can be both hard to come by and unreliable, but so far PIX11 is reporting that the FDNY and NYPD are already on the scene, and that people are encouraged to keep away from the area. The explosion reportedly took place outside, and there hasn't yet been any official word about any injuries or deaths.

Lots of people in and around the area of the explosion have captured some photos or videos ― here's what it looks like.

As seen in that last embedded tweet, there have been reports of multiple injuries, and also reports suggesting that the explosion might have been cause by an IED (improvised explosive device). This information has not been verified by law enforcement or by any major news outlets yet, however, so caution is important. This explosion comes on the heels of a pipe bomb detonation in Seaside Park, New Jersey earlier in the day, near the route of a 5k charity run.

According to Reuters, at least three people were seen being taken away from the scene in ambulances, although their conditions are not known. Jefferson Siegel of the New York Daily News caught a photo of one woman being loaded into an ambulance, although she appeared to be sitting upright.

Reuters has further reported that the FDNY confirms the blast was caused by an "explosive device," resulting in "multiple injuries." There's still no word about any potential fatalities, however.

“My windows shook so hard that I thought they would shatter," says Bryan Goldberg (Goldberg is Bustle's CEO and lives in the neighborhood).