How Will Netflix's 'House of Cards' and 'Arrested Development' Fare at the 2013 Emmys?

Netflix and the Emmys: It could be a match made in television and Internet heaven. With Emmy nominations being released on Thursday, it will be interesting to see whether the two Netflix originals, House of Cards and Arrested Development, will show up to the party.

After all, the Emmys is generally slow to get with the times — The Sopranos didn't win best drama until its fifth season in 2004. Like most other awards shows, the Emmys are often criticized of being a pointless pat-on-the-backer, awarding the same shows over and over (and over), and snubbing the fan favorites. Amy Poehler has yet to win an Emmy Award for her work on either Parks and Recreation and never won for Saturday Night Live, and somehow Modern Family has grabbed the "Best Comedy" Award for three years in a row. Bogus! But with this year's digitally released House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested Development through Netflix, maybe the Emmy Awards will finally meet viewers in the future.

Digitally released content was recognized as eligible to be nominated for and win Emmy Awards in 2008. And with this year's House of Cards being such a critical smash, it will most likely pepper the nominations for Outstanding Dramatic Series, though there are several tough contenders. Returning favorites Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, and Homeland generally dominate, but it will be hard to ignore the dark glow of David Fincher's magic, not to mention Kevin Spacey's diabolical role as southern devil Frank Underwood. (And when did the Emmys not love a movie star moonlighting on television? Just look at its miniseries category!)

As for Arrested Development, the fourth season may have been a chance for Emmy retribution all along — though the first three seasons were critically acclaimed and won six Emmys in its short run from 2003 to 2006, none of the show's actors were awarded for their comedic work. Clearly, the Emmys made a huge mistake, and hopefully they will right themselves this year and finally give Jeffrey Tambor some recognition for being the worst and best patriarch to ever grace television — and now, the Internet.

Netflix has employed some unconventional "For Your Consideration" campaign ploys, as well: Besides huge, menacing billboards of Kevin Spacey in Los Angeles, political-style yard signs were spotted around L.A. for both House of Cards and Arrested. Maybe if the two do well at this year's Emmy Awards, Netflix's newest release, Orange is the New Black, which is already being praised by critics, will have a good chance of being nominated next year.

Image: Netflix