Connie Britton Wishes Kyle Chandler Happy Birthday & Proves The Taylors Are Still TV's Best Couple — PHOTO

Five years after the show went off the air, Friday Night Lights is still finding ways to make you cry. On Sunday, Connie Britton took to Instagram to wish her former co-star Kyle Chandler a happy birthday, and her message will remind you once again why the Taylors were TV's best married couple. Their marriage was so solid that even the actors who played them can't stop supporting each other. Aww.

Fans of the Taylor family be warned, Britton's message to Chandler is so heartwarming that your eyes are guaranteed to start leaking the minute you read it. Chandler's birthday happens to be Emmy night, and he is up for Best Actor in a Drama for his role on Bloodline. So, naturally, Britton not only wished her fictional husband the happiest of birthdays, but she also told Chandler that she hopes he ends up with a trophy for his birthday this year. Then, because these two are not adorable enough as it is, Britton proceeded to tell Chandler, "You'll always be Coach to me." Excuse me, my heart and my eyes are full right now.

This is exactly the kind of message Tami would send to the Coach — just sub in a big win on the football field for an Emmy. Chandler and Britton may not be married to each other in real life, but I suspect their stint as Tami and Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights has made them a forever honorary married couple in their hearts. Seriously, just take a look at this wonderfulness.

It's a good thing he has Britton's support, because Chandler is facing some tough competition at the Emmys. Much like Coach Taylor's beloved Dillon Panthers, Chandler is the underdog going into this year's race, and he probably won't walk away with a trophy at the Emmys. His birthday is sure to be a special day, though, especially since he knows his former TV wife will be rooting him on from the sidelines. On-screen and off, Britton and Chandler's support of each other is nothing short of inspiring.

Britton's genuine pride in Chandler's accomplishments is a reminder that Friday Night Lights was not like other shows. While Coach Taylor wrapped up his final game long ago, the cast who brought the characters to life are still bonded by their experience. Just because Tami and Eric Taylor are not still being relationship goals on your TV every week does not Britton and Chandler aren't still cheering each other. Friday Night Lights is one of those special shows that not only changed the lives of its fans, but left the actors forever bonded, too.