Are You a True 'Friday Night Lights' SuperFan?

by Rachel Simon

When you binge-watch a show, it's easy to become obsessed. But with most shows, once you reach the last couple of episodes, your passion begins to cool down. A few weeks later, the show you just spent every free hour watching is no more than a fond memory, a series simply to recommend to friends. That is, unless the show you're obsessed with is Friday Night Lights .

The NBC drama is widely considered one of the most beloved shows of the 2000s, and if you've seen the series, you know why. Between Tim Riggins, those locker room speeches, Tim Riggins, Tami Taylor's hair, Grandma Saracen — and did we mention Tim Riggins? — no show offered more to its viewers week after week than Friday Night Lights.

Sadly, there are still people left in the universe who haven't seen Friday Night Lights. To those unlucky souls, we say: clear eyes, full Netflix queues, can't lose.

Here are 49 ways you know you're a true Friday Night Lights superfan.

Even if you're not a sports fan, you know football can be fun to watch

For more reasons than one

You've wanted Kyle Chandler as both your boyfriend and your father

It's not as creepy as it sounds.

Taylor Kitsch could star in ten sequels of Battleship and you'd still support him

Because of his, uh, talent

No, but really, he's a great actor

You know that no series finale was as lovingly perfect as FNL's

Even though you find it hard to believe that Matt liked Julie enough to ask her to marry him. Girl was annoying

Julie Taylor: the worst

Matt obviously deserved someone way better than her (aka you)

But even with that perfect finale, the possibility of a movie was insanely exciting

Until Connie Britton decided to crush your dreams:

But of course you forgave her, because she's pretty much the most badass woman alive

In fact, you've promised yourself you will be just like her when you grow up

I mean, even her hair deserves an Emmy

You know who doesn't deserve an award? J.D. McCoy. No offense to the actor, but that character sucked

The only person worse than him? His dad

They made you long for the days of good characters, like Lyla

Or Tyra

Remember when she made you cry with that amazing college essay, and then again when she got in?


Thanks to Matt, you know that Members Only jackets aren't a good first date outfit

And speaking of Matt, you worry about Grandma Saracen like she's your actual grandma

We'd take care of you too.

Discovering that another person watches FNL leads to an automatic friendship

And when people say "oh, it's just another teen show," you know to stay away

Because they clearly speak when they don't know what they're even talking about

Except when they say, "didn't that guy from Breaking Bad murder someone?"

And you just go "uh, well, kind of..." and tell them all the good things about season two instead. Like Smash going to college!

And the birth of Gracie Belle, the biggest-foreheaded baby ever on TV

But mostly, we just don't talk about season two

Though admit it, shit was gripping.

Seeing FNL actors on other shows is the best thing ever

Except when they scare you and make you reevaluate your love

And even though you don't like Nashville that much, you can't stop watching because TAMI

You have a strange desire to move to Texas, despite never even having visited

And, sometimes, you say y'all ... despite living nowhere near the South

You remember when Hastings Ruckle was supposed to be a big character

And then the show just forgot about him. But you didn't

And while it's great everyone is starting to appreciate Michael B. Jordan, you can say you knew him when

Oh, and seriously, screw Mitt Romney for trying to steal our slogan

Though it was the coolest thing when the women of FNL fought back

(Still true.)

You think it's a shame Zach Gilford never got nominated for an Emmy for "The Son"

But watching Kyle Chandler win Best Actor was incredible

Oh, and that Parenthood crossover was the best thing to ever happen to TV

Because Landry! And Billy! And Crucifictorious!

Which, as we all know, is the best/worst Christian heavy metal band in the world

Seeing Kyle Chandler as a deadbeat dad in The Spectacular Now was the worst, because it messed with your image of him as the greatest father ever

With the greatest TV marriage ever

Because they were just the best

And they gave the best advice!

Seriously, why couldn't they just adopt you?

Best. Show. Ever.

Images: NBC; Buzzfeed; Texasforevergifs/Tumblr; fuckyeahFridayNightLights/Tumblr; fnl-forever/Tumblr; coachandmrscoach/Tumblr