Lance Bass On Britney & Justin's Possible Reunion

by Taylor Ferber

When Lance Bass refers to Britney Spears as "Brit Brit" in 2016, you know the '90s are alive and well. Although, who didn't know that already? Especially after Justin Timberlake recently told E! News that he would "absolutely, absolutely," be down to collaborate with the pop icon after she initially expressed interest. Unlike awkward '90s trends, nostalgia never dies. So, when I, a loyal *NSYNC fan who admittedly still knows some of the band's choreography, caught up with Bass at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy party on Friday night, I needed his input. And brilliant input is what he delivered.

Just like the rest of the planet, Bass thinks a musical reunion should happen between JT & Britney and confirms that JT is definitely into it. "I do. Justin's down to collab with a lot of fun people and there's no loss between those two and they've already collabed together," says the 37-year-old. "I just hope it is something like the Janet/Michael 'Scream.' I want uptempo, I want them to dance their asses off. I think it could be revolutionary."

I'll try to shelf any resentment I feel from the fact that this hasn't happened yet, thanks to Bass's remarks.

There's no doubt that the collaboration would be a game-changer in music, pop culture, humanity, and life in general. The two have moved on with lives, families, and careers of their own, but their mesmerizing moves on the stage have no expiration date. However, the real question is: would Bass be interested in linking up with them if they were to join forces after all these years?

"They wouldn't invite me in there. I'd be like, 'Oh, hey guys! What's up?,'" the Finding Prince Charming host says jokingly. But if he was invited? "Uh, yeah. Freaking sweep the floor after them, jeez. And I'd enjoy it," he says. Honestly, who wouldn't?

So for now, I'll leave you with this glorious, live mash-up of "...Baby One More Time" and "Tearin' Up My Heart" from the VMAs in '99, because until a collaboration does in fact happen, this is all that will get anyone through.

We'll always have 1999.

Image: Giphy