These 2016 Emmy Memes & Tweets Show That TV Fans Have The Best Sense Of Humor

The Emmys are probably my favorite award show of the season — I don’t really love movies (attention span issues), I don’t listen to the music that the Grammys favor, and I’m not rich enough to see every show that the Tony Awards honor (but if anyone wants to help me with that, sure!). But television is always there for me, and I am here for it, too. The Emmy Awards always deliver for me, but more importantly so do the jokes and memes of the Emmy Awards. Sometimes, they're even better. Give television fans Twitter and a four-hour-long award show, and they bring the humor. Sometimes, they're even funnier than the host himself (or herself).

Speaking of, the 2016 Emmy Awards host is Jimmy Kimmel, and he's had quite a bit of time (and a giant team!) to help perfect his jokes. And if the Internet doesn't appreciate them, oh, they'll definitely let him now. Television fandom is not shy about calling you out! TV is really the perfect medium for Twitter. You can't tweet and watch a movie in real time with a billion people. I mean, the memes of the 2016 Emmy Awards were pretty good. Here are a few of the best jokes of the night.

The jokes just keep on coming! What a great way to have fun with the 2016 Emmy Awards.