The Best Memes From The 2015 Emmy Awards

Does anyone really care about award shows — beyond the Oscar or Emmys memes and gifs everyone will be talking about the next day? I mean, we do, in a sense, because the pomp and circumstance and pageantry are fun to watch, but other than that, shows like the Emmys can get pretty boring. And they last forever. That’s why I’m so glad for the Internet — the best part now of watching award shows (like the Emmy Awards Sunday night) is to check out social media like Twitter and Tumblr for reactions and, of course, for the best memes of the 2015 Emmys. All it takes is a look, a moment, a bad joke, and BAM — you’ve got yourself a customizable Emmy Award meme to take with you all over the Internet. And creating them is just as fun as reading them.

Notable moments from the 2014 Emmy Awards included a big kiss between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston and Billy Crystal’s tribute to his late friend, Robin Williams. This year, top moments included some Amy Poehler hilarity, Ricky Gervais irreverence, and major inspiration via Viola Davis. With the right fandom behind it, the smallest moment can erupt into a meme the likes of which the Internet has ever seen, and boy, did the Internet deliver Sunday night. Here are the best (in my opinion, obvs) memes of the 2015 Emmy Awards.

Some thought that there was a little too much Olive Kitteridge & Game of Thrones...

While others were really just focused on Parks & Recreation & Amy Poehler.

The impending Monday was a problem for some...

But fans of Viola Davis were way cheerful after she accepted her award.

So were Uzo Aduba & Jon Hamm's fans, too.

Even though a few snubs still sting...

It was mostly a great night at the Emmy Awards. Until next year, folks!

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