Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner Got BFF Tattoos

by Amanda Richards

It could possibly be the most unexpected accessory on the 2016 Emmys red carpet, but it's definitely the most adorable. Game of Thrones co-stars and BFFs Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner got matching tattoos, and Turner explained the significance of their matching ink on the Emmys red carpet: The tattoos signify the date that the pair of actors learned they got their roles on Game of Thrones.

On Sept. 16, Entertainment Weekly reported that Turner and Williams got the matching tattoos in a parlor in Belfast. Until now, fans were left in the dark about what the matching tattoos were, and what they meant — but one could speculate that given the origin of their friendship, it would definitely be Game of Thones related.

The matching tattoos are just another example of why these two are definitely BFF goals — a fact that most fans probably already knew. Just checking out their respective Instagram feeds proves that even though their characters might be separated by time and space, Turner and Williams are constant fixtures in each other's lives.

Here's Turner showing off her tattoo on the Emmys red carpet. It reads, "07.08.09" and as Turner explained, it signifies the date that both her and Williams heard they were cast as Sansa and Arya on Game of Thrones.

Turner's revelation confirms a theory some speculated on in the days after the pair got their tattoos — particularly after Williams posted this shot on Instagram:

Winter might be coming, but best friends with matching tattoos can last through any weather.

Images: Getty