'Bob's Burger' of the Day Specials for Your Easter & Passover Celebrations

There are so, so many things to love about Bob’s Burgers: from Tina’s budding feminism to the clever musical masterpieces that make their way into each and every episode, the animated series is a real gem. One of my very favorite little nuggets of joy each week are the list of burger specials on the counter chalkboard. Julie Klam at Vulture (of whom I am incredibly jealous) sat down recently with the show’s creator Loren Bouchard to discuss just how much insight the weekly specials give viewers into the show’s characters and universe.

According to Bouchard, “It was all about this idea that Louise would mess with the chalkboard when Bob would leave her alone in the restaurant. That was a funny idea and detail about both their relationship to each other and their relationship to the restaurant.”

The specialties like Winter Muensterland Burger and Bohemian Radishy Burger are not only the stuff that punny dreams are made of, they’re also directly related to the content of the episode in which they are featured. And so, the art of writing and choosing burger jokes is far more complicated than most of us could imagine. Of Bouchard’s standards the highest remain, “I just throw out any burger that would not possibly be a real burger. And then secondarily, just the usual vetting, — you know, is the joke mean? Does it make fun of anybody? Is it in the spirit of the show, and is it the kind of joke that Bob would make?”

Sounds like quite the daunting, albeit absolutely delightful task, that is creating Bob’s Burger of the Day. We decided to put ourselves to the test and try out our own specials in honor of the upcoming holidays of Passover and Easter. Have your own? Tweet us your specials @Bustle !


Leave the Bun open for Elijah Burger (served open-faced and topped with a roasted egg)

From Zeroah to a Hundred Burger (Lamb burger with mint and matzoh ball soup on the side)

Mat-zoh Fast, Mister! Burger (Kosher beef burger served on matzoh bread and topped with horseradish)

We Built This City on Pesach and Roll Burger (Bun-less kosher beef burger topped with charoset with a side of roasted asparagus and cauliflower)

Latke the Door On Your Way Out Burger (Ground Turkey burger topped with spinach and roasted tomatoes and served with two potato pancakes and apple sauce for dipping)


Call the Hambulance Burger (Topped with grilled ham, gruyere cheese and caramelized onion)

On the Bird Day He Rose Burger (Ground chicken burger smothered in pesto)

I’m bEGGin You, Let’s Start a Bleu Burger (Burger stuffed with stilton and topped with a fried egg)

Don’t Forget Your Easter Bun-net Burger (Served on a special herbed toasted brioche bun with a side of fresh greens)

I Just Find You Really (Au) Gratin Burger (Burger topped with ooey-gooey cheddar cheese and a side of au gratin potatoes)

Writing these specials was far FAR more challenging than one might expect. I tip my hat to you, writers of Bob's Burgers.

Images: Bob's Burgers/Fox