Self Love Quotes To Get As Tattoos

People have tattoos for many reasons: A personal tribute, a reminder of their past, or simply because the design is really pretty. There's no right or wrong reason to get a tattoo (and certainly no tattoo that's better than another), but getting tattoos with quotes for self love could serve as a perpetual reminder that you're valuable and deserve all the respect and appreciation in the world.

Utilizing their power to keep a positive message on your skin for all time is definitely one of the more inspirational reasons to get inked, but how do you know which quote is the right one for you? Choosing a quote that will inspire you forever might be difficult: Do you pick something from your favorite song, a quote from a favorite self-loving character, words from an empowering book, or something else?

Whatever your choice, it's important that it resonates. Give it some thought, because this ink is theoretically going to be with you until the grave. And, if you think of it that way, getting a tattoo with a quote on self love is the gift that keeps on giving: Every time you look down at it, the power of loving yourself is suddenly evoked, no matter what kind of life situation you might be in.

1. "Have Faith In Your Own Bad Taste"

This is a quote by John Waters, the king of filth and freaks. This tattoo has his words alongside Divine, a body positive icon and the ultimate drag queen — but you could pair it with another image or just use the words alone. This quote is a reminder to trust in yourself, your judgement and your own personal style — however "bad" someone else might think it is.

2. "Self Love Club"

The "Self Love Club" tattoo trend was started by Australian artist Frances Cannon, whose body positive illustrations inspired many into getting this declaration of self love tattooed onto their skin. It's pretty straightforward, and a little reminder that when it comes to loving yourself, we're all in it together.

3. "Fun Is Freedom"

This quote by artist and all round babe Angel Rose is simple and straight to the point: It's fun to be free and it's freeing to have fun. Don't take life too seriously — focus on having the best time and the rest will fall into place. In an op-ed for i-D, Rose explained how clubbing sets her free to be a fat woman, just as the dance floor allows anyone to truly be themselves. All of this boils down to this one amazingly tattooable quote.

4. The Name Of A Person Who Loved You

All of Kylie Jenner's tattoos are kind of cool, but this one has a super sweet meaning. It's her grandma's name in her granddad's handwriting and both those ideas are touching. If you have a loved one who you wish to do proud, getting their name or their handwriting is a lovely memorial to them. It's also a reminder that even if you don't feel like loving yourself, there was someone who loved you unconditionally.

5. "I Will Not Be Another Flower"

This Erin Van Vuren quote shared on Britney Spears' Instagram is a beautiful reminder not only to not conform to society's standards of beauty, but that beauty itself isn't the be all and end all of everything.

6. "You Are Strong"

Artist Hannah Hill creates embroidered patches that preach self love, and this simple message is one that you may need to hear more often than you think. By seeing "you are strong" every day, you speak directly to yourself with a positive affirmation.

7. "Still I'll Rise"

Still I Rise Print, $14.99,

This Maya Angelou quote as a tattoo is particularly special, in that it has a bit more meaning than your standard uplifting quote: The phrase, and the entire poem, are often referred to by people of color to reclaim their worth and power in a society that privileges white people, and as such, would make an amazing tattoo.

8. "Self Love Brings Beauty"

The Self Love Brings Beauty campaign and quote was started by plus size model Felicity Hayward to spread the self love message, and it would make an excellent reminder as a tattoo.

9. "You Are Important"

Another short but sweet reminder that you deserve to read every day. Outside of beauty, outside of societal rules and outside of everything else: You and your actions are important. You don't have to think of all the people who you're important to when viewing this tattoo, but take pride in the knowledge you are important.

10. "Queen Bitch"

Queen Bitch Tote Bag, $15.98,

This is actually the title to an awesome David Bowie song, and it works as a tattoo because it reminds you that if you want to be aggressive and make demands, that's cool — being a bitch isn't always a negative thing, and if you want to embrace it, it's there for you.

While these tattoo quotes are here for you to choose from if you're feeling stuck, they can also just be the impetus for a brainstorming session. If none of these are particularly what you're looking for, simply reading these ideas might give you the spark of self-love inspiration you need before your next ink appointment.

Images: Georgina Jones, Etsy