Schmidt & Cece Make A Big Decision On 'New Girl'

First comes love, then comes married, then comes... house hunting, apparently! The New Girl Season 6 premiere kicked off with some pretty exciting news that revolved around the show's newly married couple. Schmidt and Cece decided to buy a house in order to get some more alone time and enjoy their post-nuptial bliss. And while I'd normally be bummed at the prospect of seeing these dynamic loftmates get split up in any way, I don't foresee this added distance being a problem... mostly because their new place is only like five minutes away from the loft.

Sure, the place is definitely what you would call a fixer-upper, but considering that this is bound to be a team effort on everyone's part, Jess & Co. should have the place looking up to Schmidt's high standards in no time at all. And as far as the actual separation goes, I doubt we'll see much of a difference with how much time everyone sees each other. Schmidt and Cece will probably always be hanging around the apartment with Nick, Jess, and Winston — or vice-versa, they'll be constantly dropping by the new place with or without an invite.

In a way, this kinda reminds me of Friends and how Ross lived right across the street for Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey in Ugly Naked Guy's old apartment. It didn't take away any time he spent with them and even allowed for some hilarious side storylines like when he found out about Monica and Chandler's secret relationship by looking out his apartment window. ("Get off my sister!!!!") So I'm guessing Schmidt and Cece's change of address will offer up a similar dynamic as well as giving fans a chance to see what this adorable couple is like when it's just the two of them. Basically, I am here for this storyline!

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX