Video of Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Fire Is Actually Really Intense & Scary — VIDEO

Miley Cyrus' family tour bus caught on fire early Tuesday morning while the show was traveling to its next concert spot in New Orleans. "Cyrus bus down!!!!" Miley's little sister Noah tweeted after the vehicle suddenly burst into flames. It's not yet known what caused Miley Cyrus' tour bus fire, but fortunately everyone was able to evacuate and no one was hurt. "Everyone got out safe no one is injured what so ever!! everything is okay!!" Noah tweeted a little while later after fans freaked out over her initial tweet.

"Thank u God for keeping us safe." The younger Cyrus sibling kept her phone camera rolling during the incident capturing both what the car looked like while on fire and the aftermath. "This is the bus we were riding on," a voice says in one of her Instagram videos. "Was the bus we were riding on. I don't think it's a bus anymore."

After the bus was presumably deemed safe enough to enter, the Cyruses went back in to asses the extent of the damage. Noah posted a picture on Instagram declaring that her mother's stuffed bunny was destroyed by the flames. "#crackerbarrelbunnydown" she captioned that photo. But from the looks of this fire-eaten inside more than just the toy rabbit were lost to the blaze:

Watch Noah Cyrus' behind the scenes coverage of the scary event here:

Image: Twitter/noahcyrus