Kathy Bates' New 'AHS' Character Remains A Mystery

American Horror Story has never been a straightforward series. Every new season has been a unique puzzle that fans are all-too eager to solve — and American Horror Story Season 6 is proving to be no exception. In fact, Roanoke continues to be shrouded in mystery even after last Wednesday's highly anticipated premiere. Obviously, we all have a lot of questions in regards to where this season is going, but the thing I'm most curious about is who Kathy Bates' American Horror Story Season 6 character is and why she isn't taking too kindly to Matt and Shelby's presence in the house.

Bates' character name has yet to be released or even uttered out loud as far as I can tell, but it seems like a safe bet to assume that she is one of the lost settlers of the Roanoke Colony or a crazy person who thinks she is. Either way, she seems to believe she and her people have a claim over the property and she's ready to take it back by any means necessary. “This place is mine," Bates' character proclaims in the latest American Horror Story promo, knife in hand. "I protect this place. I shall stop at nothing to hold safe this colony." She doesn't specify which colony she is referring to here, but given that this entire storyline is taking place in Roanoke, I think it's fair to infer that she's talking about the Roanoke Colony, reaffirming my theory that she's a member of the long lost group.

If Bates' character really is a lost settler, then she could technically be portraying a real person, since since the Lost Colony of Roanoke really did exist before their mysterious disappearance. However, it's too hard to tell at this time what her true identity may be and why they are so heavily connected with the farmhouse. Perhaps there's something about this house that is directly linked to whatever happened to the lost colony, which is why they don't want it to get in the hands of some unknown strangers. But whatever the reason may be, Bates' character seems intent on putting a stop to Matt and Shelby's claim on the property and judging by her knife-wielding abilities, I don't think she's making any idol threats. She will do anything and everything to take back what's hers.

So as far as "welcome to the neighborhood" greetings go, Matt and Shelby are definitely getting the short end of the stick with this one. Because on or off-screen, nobody messes with Kathy Bates and gets away with it.

Image: FX Network