What Is Kristen Bell's Amber Oil?

by Rosie Narasaki

Looks like the former Veronica Mars made some interesting waves at the Emmy Awards this year, with regards to her beauty choices — Kristen Bell wore an interesting perfume that's getting everyone's attention. Ms. Bell walked the red carpet sporting amber oil — so, what exactly is amber oil?

Well, as it turns out, amber oil is a type of essential oil — and it smells amazing (especially according to E! News reporter Giulana Rancic, who actually sniffed Kristen Bell on the Emmys red carpet). It's got a warm, rich, almost pine-like scent — if you ever played a string instrument or danced en pointe in ballet, you'll find that it actually smells quite similar to rosin. Since you can't exactly extract an oil from an amber stone, amber oil is derived from extracts from various tree resins — hence the earthy, woody scent.

Like most essential oils, it comes with some pretty cool benefits (in addition to the luxuriously understated fragrance, of course). According to the Research Pedia, when used as a component of aromatherapy, amber oil has many positive effects, which range from its use as a relaxation/sleep aid, to its anti-aging benefits — it may even help relieve asthma symptoms, and some claim that it can even help with heart palpitations.

Whether or not you believe in its potential health benefits, it's clear that it makes for a pretty awesome perfume — after all, as Bell joked to Rancic, "I get it at Whole Foods. A little bottle that says Amber on it. Four bucks, go for it. I'll get you one."

Amber Fragrance Oil, $3, Amazon

With a price that low (and a shopping locale that mundane), it's certainly more convenient than your average perfume — add in the fact that it smells completely unique and amazing, and I think you've got yourself a real keeper.


Now, just grab your floatiest, most whimsical Zuhair Murad ball gown, and you're good to go!

Images: Getty Images (2); Courtesy Brands