Katy Perry Buys Her Assistants New Cars, But Not Because She Likes Them

It's time to be jealous of Katy Perry's assistants. Yep, assistants. Plural. Katy Perry bought $100,000 cars for each of her five assistants. Reportedly, Perry spent $500K on Fisker Karmas which are fancy shmancy electric sports cars. If you haven't heard of a Fisker Karma before, it probably sounds like a type of cat food, and if you have, it's probably because Justin Bieber has one covered completely in shiny chrome.

According to a "friend" of Perry's who spoke with the Daily Star, Perry's choice to go with Fisker Karmas wasn't a check-out-how-rich-I-am decision but rather an environmental one. "They are completely electric and top of the range in car luxury but she hates the smog in the air in LA. In total she spent over half a million dollars on the cars and now her conscience is clean." Cleaning Katy Perry's conscience sure has a hefty price tag. Also, her conscience must not have been very dirty if all it took was having five people drive electric cars.

It's possible that Perry's eco-paranoia stems from a controversy involving her album Prism . The album contains a package of flower seeds and were thought to be a biohazard in Australia where the seeds were not native. Perry's team claims that the albums purchased in Australia contain Australian seeds, but officials countered, "What about online sales, gurl?"

But now, Perry has put the possibility of ruining the world's ecosystem behind her because the people that manage her schedule, plan her appearances, and keep her dressing rooms stocked with giant baskets of fruit are riding in style.