Katy Perry's Definitely a Supervillain

Katy Perry seems to be doing pretty well for herself right now — beating Justin Bieber in twitter followers, beating Miley Cyrus in the charts, etc. She's hit a little bump in Australia, however, where Perry's album is considered a biohazard and has been banned. Apparently the deluxe version of Prism includes a lot of cool things — some extra artwork, and also a special seed paper that is meant to be planted — Perry hopes it will "spread the light."

And apparently the officials in charge of these things over in Australia are not taking too kindly to Katy Perry Bio-security Risk, as they see this as Perry exporting a bunch of strange seeds into their country.

For someone who claims her next tour will be "less cartoony," she sure does use the phrase "spread the light" a lot.

As a result of Perry's tiff with the Aussie border officials, all copies of Prism entering the country are under order to be inspected. As one official told The Sydney Morning Herald, "seeds or plant material of international origin may be a weed not present in Australia or the host of a plant pathogen of biosecurity concern."

But Perry doesn't have the greatest rep in the land down under to begin with. Perry also once called out Prime Minister Tony Abbot on the radio for being anti-gay marriage, and though these two incidents are probably not connected, wouldn't it be so much more interesting if they were?

While we're at it, wouldn't it be kind of a cool, badass twist if Katy Perry turned out to be a supervillain trying to take over the the planet by spreading her seed worldwide? She's already got the outfits for it.

Image: Capitol Records