These 'PLL' Episodes Are Perfect For Halloween

Pretty Little Liars may not be a horror show in the vein of, say, The Walking Dead or American Horror Story, but to say that things get a tad spooky on the series would be an understatement. The show certainly has all of the elements of a scary movie, what with its masked stalkers, torture chambers, and, as of the Season 7A finale, one very brutal decapitation. In between all of that Haleb action and Ezria drama, there are plenty of uber creepy moments on Pretty Little Liars — which makes certain PLL episodes perfect to watch for Halloween.

Plenty of Pretty Little Liars episodes have moments that are guaranteed to freak you out, but there are certain episodes that really make the most of their scares. Whether the episode is referencing a classic Hitchcock horror movie, allowing the season's A to relish in a perfectly creepy villain monologue, or just delivering a crazy kill, you might want to sleep with the lights on after binging on this list of the creepiest Pretty Little Liars episodes. If you're in the mood for an A-filled Halloween season, turn down the lights, settle in with your squad, and marathon everything on this list of the best PLL episodes for Halloween:

1. "Pilot," Season 1, Episode 1

Pretty Little Liars started out on a very creepy note: the night Alison disappeared. That crazy kickoff coupled with the emerging presence of A made the first episode of the series very I Know What You Did Last Summer.

2. "There's No Place Like Homecoming," Season 1, Episode 6

Toby wasn't always Spencer's knight in shining armor: this very creepy episode of Pretty Little Liars paints him as a villain, and even shows him "kidnapping" Emily. If you didn't know any better, you'd think there was a reason to be uncomfortable around the Tobster.

3. "Monsters In The End," Season 1, Episode 21

A was not "clowning around" when she trapped Spencer in the fun house towards the end of Season 1, though she did indirectly push Spencer into Toby's arms in the process. If fairs already freak you out for their potential for clown appearances, you may want to watch this one through your hands.

4. "For Whom The Bell Tolls," Season 1, Episode 22

For all of Pretty Little Liars' many red herrings, Ian was not one of them — he really was as murderous as the Liars thought, even if he didn't actually kill Alison. Ian chasing Spencer through the bell tower is both very Hitchcock and very slasher flick.

5. "Over My Dead Body," Season 2, Episode 12

In this episode, the Liars race against the clock to save Dr. Sullivan — and take orders from A's super creepy dolls.

6. "The First Secret," Season 2, Episode 13

This was the very first PLL Halloween special, so, obviously, it makes it on this list. It also features some majorly Halloween-y (and totally creepy) moments, most of which involve that heinous babydoll mask.

7. "UnmAsked," Season 2, Episode 25

Mona's A reveal (never have the words "I found the gum" sounded so creepy) still ranks as one of the eeriest moments in PLL history.

8. "Crazy," Season 3, Episode 7

Radley may as well be a character in itself on Pretty Little Liars; the Liars are faced with creepiness every time they step into the sanitarium. Here, Mona provides the Liars with some "riddles" about why Maya was killed, to up the spooky factor.

9. "The Lady Killer," Season 3, Episode 12

This PLL episode has a particularly dark title, very appropriate for the episode that reveals Nate is Maya's actual killer.

10. "This Is A Dark Ride," Season 3, Episode 13

If you thought A treated Aria a bit better than the other Liars, this Halloween special shot that theory down. In this episode, Aria ends up dressed as Daisy from the Great Gatsby while inside a box with a dead Garrett Reynolds.

11. "Grave New World," Season 4, Episode 13

This episode took the Liars to Ravenswood, where it's basically Halloween year round. They also had their first brush with the supernatural while wearing old time-y costumes, so, really, it doesn't get much more Halloween festive than that.

12. "Shadowplay," Season 4, Episode 19

Film noir is a great Halloween alternative to slasher flicks, and PLL kills it in this episode.

13. "Unbridled," Season 4, Episode 23

It's hard not to be horrified at the discovery that Spencer's dress is lined with actual finger bones.

14. "EscApe From New York," Season 5, Episode 1

Masked A lookalikes, Shana's killer reveal, and yet another murder the Liars have to cover up? The Season 5 opener is perfectly twisted for the Halloween season.

15. "Taking This One To The Grave," Season 5, Episode 12

Though we learned the truth not long after, seeing Mona's "dead" body in the back of A's trunk was enough to give me nightmares for weeks.

16. "How The 'A' Stole Christmas," Season 5, Episode 13

It may be a Christmas episode, but Mona's ghost appearing to Alison and showing Alison her very own funeral is still more than creepy enough for Halloween.

17. "Welcome To The Dollhouse," Season 5, Episode 25

The only games being played in this dollhouse are the torturous variety.

18. "Don't Look Now," Season 6, Episode 4

Spencer's PTSD flashbacks to the dollhouse are enough to put anyone on edge.

19. "Game Over, Charles," Season 6, Episode 10

The reveal that Charlotte was the person behind the dollhouse would be scary enough, but her deciding to blow up Radley definitely took things to a whole other level.

20. "Hush, Hush Sweet Liars," Season 6, Episode 20

A (potentially) evil twin reveal? That kind of creepy twist totally belongs on your Halloween must-watch list.

21. "Tick Tock, B*tches," Season 7, Episode 1

Hanna's kidnapping was one of the most intense moments in PLL history, so the episode where it occurred will definitely keep you up at night — exactly what you want for your Halloween marathon.

22. "The DArkest Knight," Season 7, Episode 10

This episode wasn't labelled the "#PLLDeathTrap" for nothing. There are a ton of terrifying moments in this episode, but the most shocking one is likely Noel Kahn getting his head chopped off after accidentally falling on a battle axe. Yikes.

Happy Halloween, PLL Army.

Image: Freeform