JonBenét's Father Can't Face His Old House

When JonBenét Ramsey was killed, her parents experienced the unthinkable — their daughter was murdered, and they were treated as suspects in her death, though they always maintained their innocence. In 2008, the entire Ramsey family was formally exonerated through DNA evidence from any suspicion, and the Boulder County District Attorney issued a public apology, according to NBC News. Understandably, John Ramsey, JonBenét’s father, has only done a handful of interviews since then. Recently, though, he and son Burke sat down to talk to Dr. Phil on his television show. Dr. Phil brought up the house where his daughter's body was found, and asked John if it was hard to go back into it after her 1996 death. John answered that it was so difficult that his family moved, but where does John Ramsey live now?

After JonBenét was found dead in their basement, John told Dr. Phil, “I never spent another second there. Never went in that house. Couldn’t. Can’t do it.” He continued, “Someone pointed out to me, ‘Gosh, you really need to look at that — that's the home where JonBenét lived, and she was happy, and you had a happy life there,’ and that's true, but I just couldn't do it.”

That was really all that John told Dr. Phil about his whereabouts today, but I did a little digging and discovered the family actually moved states after the murder. According to CNN, the Ramseys purchased a home just outside Atlanta, Georgia in 1997, right after JonBenét was killed — John really wasn’t exaggerating when he said he had never spent another second in their Boulder, Colorado home.


Then, in 2006, Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer, according to ABC News, and John remarried in 2011 to a fashion designed named Jan Rousseaux. According to the Daily Mail, their wedding was held in Charlevoix, Michigan, and 70 guests attended the ceremony.

John found love and a new job with Rousseaux. According to Radar Online he has spoken about the troubles he had finding employment after JonBenét’s case. "I had one company that I had talked to," he said in an interview, according to Radar Online. "They said, 'You can really help us, but we can’t afford to have our company’s good name [in the media], so we can’t hire you.'"

But, as of 2012, he and Rousseaux ran a promotional marketing company in Las Vegas, according to People magazine. So it seems like John is likely in Nevada these days just trying to move forward with his life.