'Motive' Fans Will Love These Shows

It is always sad when a show doesn't get picked up to return. One of the most gripping crime dramas Motive has ended its run after four seasons. The show centered around homicide detectives who each episode tried to figure out why a crime was committed. Each new episode began with a reveal of all the information (including the killer) with the leads trying to solve the motive. It was a cool twist on the traditional crime drama, but unfortunately TV Series Finale reported that Motive will not return for Season 5, with its Season 4 finale concluding the season. Now that it's over, it's time to look for some good replacement shows similar in tone or ones that simply seem like must-watch television.

The key ingredients for a solid Motive replacement show are drama, heightened story telling, and interesting characters to latch onto. The best part of a crime show is the audience learning and being shocked by new information. The shows on this list must have that "cling to the edge of your seat wondering what happens next" type of drama. These are all new shows, premiering this year, that fit the bill to be your Motive replacement.

Designated Survivor

There is nothing more gripping or heightened than drama in the White House. Designated Survivor tells the story of a lower level employee who, after a terrorist attack, finds himself the last man standing to run the government. This isn't a crime tale, but the twists and turns will get your adrenaline pumping like Motive used to.


Bull follows Dr. Jason Bull and his team of trial consultants. They work for clients by helping them figure out how to manipulate a jury. There's crime, high stakes manipulation, and interpersonal drama between interesting leading characters. Makes perfect sense as a Motive replacement.

Lethal Weapon

This remake of the hit movie has the number one ingredient to be a great new Motive filler. Crime, crime, and more crime. The story follows two LAPD detectives as they solve crimes and deal with their own drama.

Chicago Justice

Chicago Justice is a spin-off of the popular Chicago PD. It's a legal drama set in crime-filled Chicago. Between the cases being solved and the truths being revealed, it seems to be a perfect match for Motive fans. With a new case every week, this episodic legal crime drama seems engaging and dramatic.

24: Legacy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another spinoff, this time of the popular series 24. I'm adding this to the list for the pure adrenaline factor of it all. Similar to the original series, there's a time limit to stopping an impending terrorist attack. This checks off the "keep you on the edge of your seat" requirement.

This Is Us

While not similar to Motive in theme or setting, This Is Us looks like a very engaging television show. The drama focuses on the intersecting lives of people who only share one thing: The same birthday. Motive and most good TV shows focus on characters and relationships. I've included This Is Us on the list mainly because it just looks good.

Hopefully this list helps with the hole left behind now that Motive is gone. Every TV show that leaves opens the door for a new love.

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