A DIY Captain Phasma Halloween Costume

One of the most formidable new characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was Captain Phasma, the baddie stormtrooper commander of the First Order. Played in the film by Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie, Phasma is terrifying and cruel, the first woman in a galaxy far, far away who's ever been a major Star Wars villain. And her armor is especially badass, ensuring that there will definitely be tons of Captain Phasmas running around this Halloween — and you can be one of them, with this easy DIY Captain Phasma Halloween costume. (Her only flaw is that she isn't in the movie more! But don't worry, Christie has assured fans she will be back for Episode VII).

Phasma has mirrored chrome Stormtrooper armor, making her the best-dressed and scariest of the First Order, like a hulking knight in space. If you're DIY-ing this costume, don't worry too too much about exact replication, because Stormtrooper armor is incredibly detailed and involved and can get wildly expensive (seriously, just check out some of the cosplay tutorials out there). You can capture the Phasma feel, though, cheaper and easier, as long as you don't mind being razzed by diehard Star Wars fans.

The Mask

Captain Phasma Mask, $31, Target

Buy a Captain Phasma mask. There are plenty of cheap options, but if you want to get fancy, there are more expensive options out there. To keep it inexpensive though, this one from Target looks pretty great for the low price of just under $18.


The defining aspect of Phasma's ensemble is the shiny, shiny chrome. Grab some silver leggings. These are $16.99 on Amazon, and I'm sure you can find another use for such a fun pair of silver leggings.

Chrome Leggings, $17, Amazon

You'll also need a plain grey sweatshirt — you can always trust Hanes. Amazon has the sweatshirt available for around $10

Hanes gray Crew Sweatshirt, $10, Amazon | Silver Metallic Spray Paint, $10, Michaels

And for the chest plate, paint a large piece of cardboard cut to your chest size with silver spray or regular paint, which you can find at any craft store. You can attach the cardboard to the shirt with tape. Easy!

You can add more cardboard armor to the arms and legs of your costume if you want, but the chest plate is the most important.

Blaster Rifle

Storm Trooper Blaster, $15, Amazon

If you want to round out your costume with a blaster rifle, you can either draw one with Sharpie on spray painted silver cardboard, or buy a Stormtrooper blaster like this one from Amazon for $15 and spray it silver. Spray everything silver!


You'll need a pair of silver gloves like Phasma's, too. The gloves above are available on Amazon for $7.


Black Cape, $13, Spirit Halloween | Red Ribbon, $9, Michaels

Phasma's cape is black with a slight hint of red. You can buy this basic black cape for $13 at Spirit, and a roll of red ribbon, and tape or hot glue the red ribbon along the hem of the cape. Sling it askew, because Captain Phasma is regal AF and wears her cape draped from her right shoulder.

And there you go! Of course, the best accessory would be a couple of Stormtroopers under your command, so try to recruit a few.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Target; Spirit Halloween Store; Amazon (4); Giphy