Easy Ways To Dress As Sia For Halloween This Year

If you are still really excited about the 2015 release of Sia's This Is Acting or are just looking for a easy but creative costume, than dressing up as Sia might be your ticket to Halloween bliss this year. Especially because spending a lot of time and energy on Halloween can be difficult. Luckily for us all, the simply-dressed singer/songwriter can actually be pretty easy to replicate, as long as you hit a few signature points. Something quick and easy feels perfect for the the busy human you probably are. It's even better when the easy-to-DIY costume you create is a little quirky, just like that be-wigged cutie, Sia.

In order to Sia, there are few key things you need to include in your costume — a quirky hair style, simple main garment, and maybe an additional accessory to spark things up. Three parts. Pretty easy, right? Sia practices pretty minimal makeup, so you can just leave it to mascara and some bright red lipstick if you're feeling frisky. Easy costume, or the easiest costume? The following are some quick tips on how to dress like Sia this Halloween season. Happy hunting!

1. The Hair

You can choose to go with Sia's iconic half black half/blond look for only $17. Pretty cool!

Blonde Sia Wig, $17, Amazon

Or the equally recognizable platinum hair.

White Pop Wig Adult Sia Costume Accessory, $18, Ebay

2. The Outfit

A costume should be comfy as well as accurate and cute, right? I'm a big fan of this one because no one will notice when you get inevitably bloated by Halloween candy. Meanwhile, you can totally wear this dress again and look boho chic. There are definitely cheaper options for this dress, but Etsy nails the look.

White Linen Shirt Dress, $69, Etsy

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sia is also inclined to go for the an all-black everything look. In that case, just go for something that will be equally comfortable as the white option, with witchy vibes.

Even with a simple little black dress like this one, everyone will know what you are going for. The wig will help.

Crêpe Dress, $15, H&M

Sia doesn't always or often go for dresses. A one-tone pant suit also encapsulates her look, and might just be something you own already. If not you can fake it with a blazer and pants of the same color.

I thought this pantsuit from MissGuidedUS was perfect for the look, but you can't really go wrong with any matching pants/blazer combo. How great would it be own this pant suit? I can't even imagine. I might just have to find out.

Premium Crepe Wide Leg PantsRed, $68, MissGuidedUS

3. The Accessory

The hair is important, but the second most important part of the Sia costume is a hair accessory whether it be a giant bow or a hat.

If you're crafty you might be able to make your own bow, but if not, you can always get a giant Sia-style bow on Etsy. Make sure your bow matches your outfit.

Sia Style Giant Bow, $45, Etsy

Another option is a floppy hat. You can't go wrong with a floppy hat.

I suggest "treating yoself" int terms of your floppy hat. It could easily become one of your favorite wardrobe choices so you might as well make sure it's a good one. Or you can go with a classic, like this one from H&M

Wool Hat, $13, Amazon

With just a wig, a hat, and either a slick new dress/pantsuit or old one, you can easily replicate Sia for Halloween. It's almost too easy to be this hip. Good luck on your own Sia searches!Images: AliExpress; Ebay; Etsy (2), H&M (2); MissGuidedUS