Your AM Routine Needs NYX Hot Pink Makeup Brushes

Game over. NYX Cosmetics teased a new set of holiday makeup brushes via its Instagram story and the brand wins. The brushes will work their way into your morning routine. The brand reminds me of my favorite things about MAC and ColourPop. The packaging is black and the product quality is professional and outstanding. NYX is always on trend with new items and colors, with a maj focus on lips, thanks to its wardrobe of Lip Creams and glosses. NYX products don't break the bank and that's a beautiful thing. When are the NYX Cosmetics holiday makeup brushes available to buy?

Well, the brand did not share an exact on-sale date or price. Instead, NYX posted that "Holiday brushes dropping soon," all the while sharing live footage of these magic wands. They have thick, densely packed brush heads with black bristles and glittery, hot pink handles. They are cute but they also look expensive and fun. As long as the brushes do the trick and perform their intended function, which I am sure they will, they will quickly earn "must own" status.

Just like Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate Cosmetics brush set, which is due by the end of September, the NYX Makeup Brushes will inject a little oomph into your a.m. regimen. Who wouldn't want to wake up their face with product applied via these magic wands?

Judging from the Insta story, which I screen shotted for your viewing pleasure, there are several face brushes, for blush and powder. I see a fan brush, a foundation brush, a brow and lash brush, a crease blush, a smudger, and a blender. This lineup is basically all of the tools your morning routine needs and wants. It doesn't matter how much you spend or how awesome your products are. Without the right application tools, you won't get the most out of them.

At first, I thought the handles were black and pink leopard print. Here, you can see that they are glittery, hot pink, and black. Then brand also posted about new palettes, but I was smitten with the brushes.

Images: NYX Cosmetics/Instagram Story (2)