This Christopher Walken Dance Mash-Up Is Pure Delight — VIDEO

Listen — Christopher Walken is pretty much the greatest. America's kookiest oddball grandpa has won over the hearts of many in his myriad films, but perhaps nothing has garnered him as much praise as his fancy footwork. That's right — the man can dance. And as if that weren't evidenced enough already given his sweet, sweet moves in the now-iconic music video "Weapon of Choice" from Fatboy Slim, then this latest video mash-up will most assuredly do the trick.

Thanks to the kind and brilliant souls over at the Huffington Post, we now have a 5:00 minute long romp into the wibbly, wobbly world of Walken's watusi-ing ways. People love his dance moves so much they've been featured in 57 of his movies. FIFTY-SEVEN! Do you know how many movies that is? That's so many movies. But still somehow less than half of his IMDB credits, which — to steal a Walkenism — is... wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. Walken has danced in more movies than most acclaimed actors would dream of having as the totality of their career. The man is no joke. From windmilling arms to tapping feet, there might be literally nothing this man can't do — sigh. I guess there really is nothing funnier than a nervous looking, likely psychopathic character bustin' all the right moves, eh? What a Walkenful world we live in. Ain't America grand?