We Tested A DIY Peel Off Lip Stain

Flashback to childhood. You have just finished an arts-and-crafts project. There is leftover Elmer's Glue everywhere — table, clothes, hands, fingers. You experience something transcedental: the satisfaction of peeling off dried glue. And nowadays? It's not so much different after all. Peel-off beauty products are all the rage, transforming your ordinary face masks and brow tints into a nostalgic pasttime.

If you're anything like this author, the peel-off beauty trend basically translates to heaven. Not only do you get the fun factor (!), but there are peel-off treatments for every scenario possible — from combatting blackheads to boosting collagen, if you've got a beauty emergency, a peel can do just the trick. This almost seems too good to be true.

Today, Bustle is taking a turn at the wheel and whipping up an order of DIY peel-off lipsticks. That's right — lippies you can literally strip off, revealing pigmented (and very kissable) pouts. The best part is that you can craft your own peel-off lipsticks right at home. The ingredients are simple — and safe — and you'll have full reign at playing mixology and creating whatever color(s) your lips may desire. Whether you go for a classic Hollywood red or the Insta-worthy rainbow, the choice is all up to you.

Happy peeling!