8 Awesome Peel-Off Lip & Face Beauty Treatments

When I was little, I was all about arts and crafts class. Partly because of the glittery, gluey messes we were allowed — encouraged, even — to make, but mostly because I loved peeling away the dried glue left behind. I was just so intrigued by pulling up that ultra-thin layer, so naturally, peel-off lips and face beauty treatments couldn't be too far behind for me.

Turns out, that weird fascination with peeling stuff totally translates to a few incredibly effective beauty picks these days. Whether you're looking to darken your eyebrows, clear your pores, or cultivate a healthy, rosy glow on your lips, the love of coating something on — only to later lift the layer off entirely — can be gloriously indulged by these peel-off lip and face treatments. In an effort to discover just how many peel-away picks I could work into my routine in the name of beauty, I did a little digging. Below, you'll find some top picks for the kind of bizarre (but still actually awesome) beauty treatments, based on everything from praiseworthy user reviews to beneficial ingredients, and more. And if you want to see what a few of these products look like in all their peel-off action (hey, I'm with you on that!), head over to Maxine Builder's article on the peel-off brow and lip treatments.

Suction Away Blackheads With Peel-Off Mask

Pilaten Black Mud Face Mask , $8, Amazon

This face mask can be applied right after you step out of a steamy shower, when pores are open (and ready for detoxification). Using a propylene glycol formula to hydrate skin and shield it against irritation, this mixture takes about 15 minutes to dry — pulling blackheads and toxins up into the thick mixture. Users say the mask is effective and really works, plus, they point out the black color makes it easy to see the gunk pulled out of your pores. One reviewer said, "...I was highly impressed when I first tried this product. I have never seen so much unwanted blackheads and dead skin come off of my skin before."

Deepen Brow Color With Peel-Away Tint

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel , $7, Amazon

This is the No. 1 new release in eyebrow color, and a quick glance through reviews tells you why. After applying any one of the three colors to your brows, let it dry for two hours (the brand even recommends sleeping in it overnight for the best color), then peel away in the morning. Users report seeing better definition in brow shape without the less convincing look that can come from too-dark pencils. One fan of the brow gel said she's relieved to have a product that won't wash off at the beach or pool, saying, "This is a great substitute to penciling in your eyebrows every day, and while it doesn't last a full week it does last a few days fading a little each day until it is fully gone."

Boost Lip Collagen With Peel-Off Papaya Tint

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint , $6, Amazon

For giving your lips an intensely fruit-packed, ultra hydrating surge of color, this peel-off lip tint in bubble pink could be your best bet. The formula is full of blackberry, cranberry, and papaya fruit extract (known for its reparative qualities and collagen-boosting effects — hey, plumped lips!), in addition to royal jelly extract. Royal jelly is created by bees, and it's composed of protein, plus vitamins A, E, C, and B. Simply apply, let dry for five to ten minutes, then peel off the pink layer for a deep, long-lasting stain.

Peel-Off Egg White Protein Detoxifies Pores

Mistine Egg White Anti-blackhead Peel-Off Mask, $6, Amazon

If you're a huge fan of face masks, you're about to love this new beauty addition. Egg whites are hailed as an unofficial face cure-all — thanks to the proteins within that improve elasticity, balance skin tone, and even help combat annoying blemishes from acne breakouts. Simply apply this mask one to three times a week for 20 minutes, and peel it off to reveal a brighter, softer complexion. Users say they love this mask, and one user said of the the silky formula: "It really takes off those blackheads and dead skin. Oh and my skin looks amazing."

Get Waterproof Color From Six Long-Lasting Shades

6 Colors Magic Color Peel Off Mask Tint , $4, Amazon

Whether you're feeling like a dip in the pool or you're just not one for fully removing your face in the shower between appointments, these six shades offer you waterproof color protection. Users report that the tint lasts up to five hours, and once you've applied, there's virtually no transfer (aka no smudging — yes!). Reviewers say color vibrancy is easily adjusted to your preference, and one fan even said, "The color lasts all day long or until I want to take it off! When these run out I will definitely repurchase."

Peel-Off Enzymes Quicken Cell Turnover for Brighter Complexion

Alexis Skin Care Peel-Off Face Mask , $13, Amazon

Enzymes are proteins that help cell reactions happen faster — like cell turnover on your face. Whether you're combatting dull skin or just want to see a smoother, fresher complexion, an enzyme mask can speed things along. This one's enzymes come from papaya extract, and the mask has that super fun peel-off factor. But more than that, one user (who likened the peel-off process to that of Elmer's glue), said, "I did notice after using it my face was super soft and the blackheads on my nose were almost gone." Say no more.

Already Set On Your Shade? Get Color & Applicator Brush-In-One

Chinatera Lip Color Magic With Flexible Lip Brush , $9, Amazon

If you're less about variety and more about doing what works — but just doing it really well, outfit yourself with the long-lasting waterproof color you're committed to loving. Couple your shade with an applicator brush that lets you evenly apply the pigment without smudging outside your lip line. That's important, as one user reports the color lasting two whole days — saying it's the best lip stain they've ever worn.

Aloe Vera Lip Peel-Off Tint Soothes & Calms

Lipping Lip Tattoo Tint Pack, $29, Amazon

This set of four everyday lip shades are full of marine collagen to help plump lips, while orange extract provides antioxidants and vitamin E. Simply apply the shade across your lips (drawing the pigment out from the center), and let it dry for five to ten minutes. Peel away for color formulated to last a full day — up to 12 hours! (Pro tip: Seal in the shade for extra vibrancy with a clear coat of gloss.)

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