This Scene May Have Predicted Brangelina's End

Given that news broke Tuesday that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, it's safe to say that now is a time for grieving. And, there’s pretty much nothing that I can think to do with myself except to revisit all of the couple’s most memorable moments together. This one is top, of course: Pitt and Jolie’s most memorable scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the movie that they made together in 2004. Soon after the movie wrapped filming, news of Brangelina's relationship made the front page of just about every tabloid in America, so it's definitely an important film for their relationship. But, while most people watched the film with an eye for just how much chemistry these two had together, watching it now, in the wake of their imminent divorce, is a pretty morbid thing to do. In spite of its happy ending, there are a lot of scenes that seem to predict the eventual end of their relationship, and the tango scene is definitely one of them.

Hindsight is 20-20, of course, and the tension that is present in this scene as Jolie and Pitt dance away their frustration over their characters’ ending marriage, at the time, seemed wonderfully passionate. But now, in the aftermath of their marriage ending, it just seems sad. For instance when Jolie says, “Happy endings are stories that haven’t finished yet,” it rings a little too true for those of us currently mourning the end of their seemingly happy story.

As the two characters talk about the problems in their marriage, it's particularly haunting. Of course this is all their characters speaking, but it’s still painful to watch. To see Jolie run off at the end, sick of the witty banter and clearly full of emotion, is just plain heartbreaking.

It’s definitely a tough scene to watch these days, but seeing these two on screen together also reaffirms what a wonderful connection they once had.

Image: 20th Century Fox