Ethan Tucker Shocks 'The Voice' Coaches With His Reggae Sound Then Shocked Them Even More With His Choice Of Team

Sometimes risks don't pay off...and sometimes they do. In the case of The Voice contestant Ethan Tucker, the risk certainly paid off. Tucker put an extremely unique reggae spin on rock classic "Roxanne," and it was amazing. His sound was extremely unexpected—so much in fact that the coaches didn't seem to know what to do. Thankfully, they were able to pull their jaws off the floor in time to hit their buttons. Tucker was rewarded for his efforts with a double chair turn. But perhaps the most surprising turn of events? His choice of coach. When tasked to choose between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, the reggae singer chose Shelton. WHAT?!

Don't get me wrong, Shelton is an amazing coach. I mean, he's the most decorated coach in The Voice history. But he seems like an unlikely match for Tucker. Tucker's sound is much more alternative/pop than country—Levine was pretty much perfect for him. However, the Washington native proved in his Blind Audition that he's not afraid to take a risk. Choosing Shelton is just another one.

As strange as the pair seems, Shelton and Tucker may just be the perfect amount of weird to work. Because their styles are so different, they'll both be challenged to try new things in order to find common ground. Shelton will push Tucker to become a better, more well-rounded performer, while Tucker teaches Shelton how to train a different kind of artist. As long as they quickly learn how to work together, the two just might have what it takes to make it all the way to the Live Shows. Shelton has proven that he can win The Voice many times before, and he might just prove it again with Tucker.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC