On 'The Originals,' Elijah Is Underestimating Klaus' Disinterest & That's A Huge Mistake

You'd think after thousands of years together, Elijah would know better. Last week on The CW's The Originals , Klaus sent Rebekah packing and it turned out that it was Claire Holt's final episode as a series regular. Klaus seemed pretty upset about the situation that led to his sister's departure — so Elijah stepped up. Now we can see how bad of a move that was, because Elijah is underestimating his hybrid brother's disinterest. Bad leadership, Elijah.

Clearly, life without Rebekah is going to be worse than we thought. Without her around to make sure that Klaus is taken seriously and kept at an arm's length, Elijah is trusting him way too much. And that will be his downfall — does that mean we're going to lose another Original a lot sooner than we thought?

Elijah spent the majority of Tuesday night's episode attempting to broker peace between all of the supernatural communities in the French Quarter. That's a really nice thought and good for him for taking advantage of his new position of power and jumping right into making things better for everyone. It's just a real shame that Klaus is going to screw it all up — because he doesn't believe that vampires are capable of family loyalty anymore. We really should've seen this coming — just because he let Rebekah go, doesn't mean his wounds were healed.

Klaus spent the entire episode doing a "therapeutic painting" — how was that not the first sign that something was up, Elijah? We all know Klaus paints to clear his head and we also know that at any given time, he's got plenty ideas for destruction swirling around in that same head. Klaus has a plan to find himself a new family with the werewolf side of his hybrid bloodline. So Klaus set up his own power play with the werewolves and we're disappointed that Elijah didn't see the writing on the wall. Or rather, the paint on the canvas.

He underestimated Klaus' almost-docile behavior and his complete disinterest in what Elijah's been up to. Hello, Klaus is never disinterested when it comes to power — this is why he's successfully led his siblings around for years. So, Elijah writing him off is really just proof that he's not meant to lead, especially since he thinks that Klaus will honor a piece of paper when it comes to the peace treaty. You are so wrong, man. The elder Original brother has a false sense of security and forgiveness if he thinks Klaus isn't still upset about his hand in Rebekah's deception. Elijah hasn't gotten his punishment and now it's going to hit him when he least expects it.

Klaus feels no loyalty to Elijah anymore and believes that his brother has no allegiance to him either. Their history doesn't matter — he's moving on to a new alliance and a new, powerful family. And he's going to do it right under Elijah's unsuspecting nose. You should know better than to believe that Klaus would recoil without a plan of attack, Elijah. You're a decent guy, but you're way too trusting to lead — especially when you've got Klaus and Marcel running plays against you and you're not even acknowledging their capabilities.

Image: The CW