Amanda Knox's Prison Diary Shouldn't Have Been Leaked

Years after it first made headlines, the story of an American student convicted and then exonerated of killing her roommate is surging back into the spotlight. On Sept. 30, Netflix will premiere Amanda Knox , a new documentary about a murder in Italy and the 20-year-old woman who ended up serving four years in prison for it, before being acquitted. After an extended legal battle that ascended to the highest Italian courts, Knox was finally cleared of the charge that she and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito sexually assaulted and killed 21-year-old Meredith Kercher. For years, Knox was a tabloid cover girl dubbed "Foxy Knoxy," and she was seemingly tried as much in the court of public opinion as she was in the court of law. The international obsession with her looks, personality, and sex life made her ordeal seem like a Lifetime movie come to life, especially once it was learned that Amanda Knox's prison diary had been leaked to the media.

Publications shared any information about Knox that they could, including excerpts from the diaries she kept in prison. Amanda Knox, the documentary covers the leak of the diaries, which were written while Knox and Sollecito were charged and imprisoned while they awaited their trial after Kercher's '07 murder. In 2008, The Telegraph reported that the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera had obtained several pages of the hundreds that Knox had turned over to investigators to support her defense. Yet the diary is not available in its entirety online through any legitimate source, and in fact, Marie Claire reports that Knox won nearly $60,000 in damages after suing writer Fiorenza Sarzanini and Corriere della Sera for using her writings in a series of articles and a book about Knox's sex life.

So while it might be tempting to search for a way to read Knox's diaries, it's clear that she had no intention of having them be anything but private. If you're hoping to learn more about her thoughts on the case, Knox's own memoir Waiting To Be Heard was published in 2013, so that should provide all the insight you could want on the ordeal, straight from Knox herself.