35 Plus Size Babes Rocking Fall 2016 Trends

When it comes to fashion rules for fat women, the world is largely still hung up on "maybe when you lose the weight." As a result, "trends" can be a sensitive subject for a lot of full-figured babes — many of whom have been conditioned to believe that weight loss is an essential component to a stylish existence. Thankfully, plus size women wearing fall 2016 trends — from bomber jackets to tinsel embellishments to capelets to Renaissance details — are on every corner, proving these tired tropes, well, tired.

For a long time, the plus size fashion industry was seemingly blind to trends. An "in" garment would appear at New York Fashion Week, then on fast fashion mannequins shortly thereafter. But, in my experience, it wouldn't show up in the plus sphere for at least two seasons later. Although the pastel coat trend was popping in winter 2012, for example, plus size babes didn't really get to dip their toes into it until the following year. Social media, however, has thankfully allowed many of us to voice these concerns. And many plus size brands have slowly taken notice of the (myriad) gaps in the market.

When it comes to the fall 2016 aesthetic, trendier garments in sizes 14 and up are definitely available. Now it's just up to us to remember that we can wear them: Waist trainer not needed. Here are 35 women who showcase just that.

1. Perelandra Beedles

The "Renaissance Woman" look is in, and Pamper And Curves blogger Perelandra Beedles knows just how to hybridize the trend with Kate Bush's mystical aesthetic.

2. Nancy Whittington-Coates

Nancy Whittington-Coates of Sugar Darling? combined a gloriously suave velvet dress with the season's favorite jacket: the bomber. And she is undoubtedly runway-ready.

3. Amanda Apparel

In her floral maxi, the Kansas-raised, Scotland-based blogger of Amanda Apparel is proving that the '90s aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Lucia Morris

The fabulous Lucia Morris of U Can't Wear That is keeping the power slogan alive, because in fall 2016 (as in any season, TBH) knowing your worth is the trendiest thing of all.

5. Love Leah

Reviving the camo print trend in bomber jacket form, blogger Love Leah definitely knows what's hip.

6. Stephanie Yeboah

Trench coats and denim dresses? Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town might just be the trendiest contemporary spy to ever have existed.

7. Em Smyth

Blogger Em Smyth of Terrible Tumbles is rocking the hell out of this capelet dress and looking like the perfect vintage vixen.

8. Hayley Stewart

Kitschy queen Hayley Stewart of Curves & Curls tells me over email that she loves the sequin trend for being "fabulously loud and attention-seeking — all the things that fat girls aren't supposed to be."

9. Lottie L'Amour

Blogger Lottie L'Amour is proof that see-through details are not exclusive to straight size babes. In fact, they're a glorious way for proud fatties to show off their rolls.

10. Margot Meanie

Overalls are not just for the thin or pre-school-aged, as proven by alternative plus size blogger Margot Meanie. "I like that it's a simple look, but still falls under 'bold fashion choice,'" she tells me in an email. "Overalls are really in for straight size bodies and I think maybe plus size peeps might think to avoid them out of fear of VBO, but here's a lesson I've learned: Life is too short to worry about that! Instead, look cute AF and have fun with fashion."

11. Kellie Brown

The fashion guru behind And I Get Dressed put together a whole video about fall 2016 trends, and proved that hoodies and tinsel details are for anyone who wants 'em.

12. Natasha M. Nurse

For Natasha M. Nurse, owner and co-founder of blog and empowerment coaching service Dressing Room 8, the leather jacket is everything. She tells me over email, "This fall, I am rocking my leather jacket to as many places as possible — staying oh-so-cool around NYC."

13. Chloe In Curve

Blogger Chloe In Curve is ticking many A/W 2016 trend boxes here. She tells me via email, "I love everything about this dress; its wintry floral print, deep V neck, and added sex appeal make it one of my favorite autumn fashion finds so far."

14. Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris of the blog Kitty Rambles A Lot is no stranger to quirky details, and she tells me over email that "this oversized paint splattered [jacket] from Plus Equals is my new favorite." "I love this oversized look, and a pleather jacket is always a classic," she adds.

15. Zoë

Plus size style blogger Zoë of I Knew I Was Next is very into the pussy bow trend right now, blending the Renaissance with the contemporary flawlessly.

16. Isha Reid

Vintage style and photography blogger Isha Reid of An Autumn's Grace knows a thing or two about retro beauty, and the silhouette of this dress proves it. She tells me over email that the "gorgeous earthy tones with the base color complimented with the specs of flowers and leaves" make this piece not only trendy, but the perfect accompaniment to "taking a walk in the park, crunching leaves as I go."

17. Alysse Dalessandro

Fashion designer and writer Alysse Dalessandro of Ready To Stare adores the mix of hard and soft details on this autumn's sartorial radar. "My favorite fall jacket trend this year is mixing leather with lighter fabrics," she tells me over email. "This coat from Ashley Nell Tipton's new Boutique+ line is the perfect combination of hard and soft and available up to a size 5X!"

18. Hollie Burgess

Pretty Big Butterflies blogger Hollie Burgess adores a shift dress with trendy '70s details, even if fatphobic individuals don't think she should. "People think shift dresses and stark patterns like this shouldn't work if you're plus size," she tells me over email. "I totally disagree!"

19. Sam Roswell

Alternative blogger Sam Roswell of Fatty Boom Tatty is digging the pink and yellow hues popping up on this season's radar. She tells me she's rocking a "mega old ASOS dress and Boohoo cuffs for that transitional look."

20. Lisa Böhm

Blogger Lisa Böhm of Girl Geek In A Dress has a penchant for A/W 2016's metallic fascination. "I hid myself for so long, only wearing subdued colors and baggy clothes because of low self-esteem and thinking that is what I had to do being fat that I enjoy wearing some glitter now even more," she tells me via email.

21. Cassie Westfall Lemp

Petite and curvy blogger Cassie Westfall Lemp of Style Cassentials is a fan of mixing more than one trend into an ensemble, including dark florals and bomber jackets. "I'm a firm believer that fashion trends are for whoever wishes to partake," she tells me in an email. "As a plus size petite, I make the trends work for me through alterations."

22. Amanda Koker

Amanda Koker, designer for ASK Fashion LLC (where she produces handmade plus size dresses), knows the value of comfortable style. "I am obsessed with the trend of sneaker wedge shoes! They are super comfortable and give me a little height," she tells me. "I am also obsessed with printed leggings; they add a bit of spunk and attitude [and] keep you warm through the cooler days."

23. Dellany Peace

Plus size model, actor, producer, and writer Dellany Peace proves that there's nothing quite like a metallic silver jacket to stand out in.

24. Jennifer Barreto-Leyva

Latina plus size model and journalist Jennifer Barreto-Leyva is fully participating in this season's penchant for neon details. "I love this trend because [it] pretty much takes me out of my comfort zone all the way," she tells me via email.

25. Lisa Marie Basile

Poet and editor Lisa Marie Basile is all about the velvet trend with witchy detailing. She could definitely be the leader of a stylish coven in this getup.

26. Diana Thompson

Blogger and model Diana Thompson of Fashion Loves Photos adores the berry trend that pops up every fall, but that's especially prevalent this season. "Berry colors make me feel so happy, as the deep, burnt reds really signal autumn's imminent arrival," she tells me. "I love how they soften the drama of the more gothic and Victoriana styles that AW tends to draw inspiration from, with lacy embellishment and vampy lips suddenly working their way into everyday looks."

27. Suma Jane Dark

Photographer and writer Suma Jane Dark is looking gothy and glorious in a simple hoodie: Because looking chic doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort.

28. Liz Black

Blogger and writer Liz Black of P.S. It's Fashion is showing the world that "leggings can be pants [and] bras can be crop tops" at any and every size.

29. Aarti Olivia Dubey

In this gorgeous photo, blogger Aarti Olivia Dubey of Curves Become Her is actually rocking an autumn 2016 accessory trend: statement headwear. Clearly, she is unafraid to stand out, glisten, and take up space.

30. Dana Martinez

Camo has never looked as elegant yet fun as it does on plus size style blogger and editor Dana Martinez of Who's That Girl Dana?

31. Debz Aiken

Carrie Bradshaw in a tutu might be a thing of the past, but plus size fatshionistas like Debz Aiken of Wannabe Princess are here to slay in their regal-wear.

32. Violet Moya

The fashion and beauty blogger of Curvy Girl On A Budget clearly knows that trucker hats are back from the yearbooks of 2003 and better than ever.

33. Anne-Lise Mookie Barber

The bomber trend keeps popping up, and the blogger behind Mookie's Life knows why: "The reason I like this trend is [that] bomber jackets are so easy to team with both casual clothes and more dressed up [ones]," she tells me in an email.

34. Ragini Nag Rao

Repping the '70s trend with a minimalistic contemporary twist, Ragini Nag Rao of A Curious Fancy looks pretty as a picture in this layered shift dress over a simple tee. Wear something similar with a long-sleeved turtleneck, and you'll be covered all season long.

35. Yours Truly

Witchy and gothic vibes are going to be an A/W 2016 staple, and I am all about it.

Even if much of the world still does not believe that fat women deserve to experience trends (or anything fun, for that matter), there are plenty of babes out there proving precisely the opposite. So if you see something on a runway or on a straight size mannequin that makes your sartorial heart flutter, trust that that's reason enough for it to be yours.

Images: Courtesy Bloggers