16 Pitch-Perfect 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Quips from Paleyfest

When you're hosting a Paleyfest panel featuring the stars of NBC series Parks and Recreation , hosted by Patton Oswalt, in an auditorium full of fans, shenanigans are bound to happen. Maybe even a little bit of tomfoolery. One thing is for sure: laughter was in no short order as Amy Poehler and Co. discussed their little show that could. Poehler, series creator Mike Schur, and stars Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Retta, Jim O'Heir, Ben Schwartz, and newcomer/ Billy on The Street host Billy Eichner were all bordering on verklempt thanks to the size of the Dolby Theater and the audience there to see them (it was straight-up aww-shucksy in its adorableness), making the 2-hour panel equal parts endearing and comedic nuttery — much like the show itself.

And while there were other moments that cannot be contained in a quote — one highlight being a supremely enthusiastic and excitable young redhead boy who will likely end up on the show at some point in the future. (Seriously.) — we're hopeful that we can convey what a non-stop hilarifest the whole thing was.

  • "I have really crazy eyes." - Amy Poehler on what makes her comedic stylings work.
  • "That's Gary Busey!" - Patton Oswalt commenting on a rogue audience member on the 4th tier.
  • "Retta and I are drinking wine" - Amy "...and it's champagne" - Retta, correcting her with the quickness.
  • "Every year we do a scene for the gag reel of Leslie and Ron kissing." - Amy Poehler on her gag reel contributions.
  • "...And we never put it on because it's so disturbing ... like your parents going at it really hard." - Mike Schur on the aforementioned make-out.
  • "I saw it in a dream; in a fiery nightmare." - Aubrey Plaza on whether she knew April and Andy would end up together.
  • "That shit is going on eBay!" Retta on the baseball bat Nick Offerman made special at his wood shop for each cast member when season 5 wrapped.
  • "You all treat him like, 'Oh, we found this animal in a cage.'" - Patton Oswalt on Billy Eichner's character Craig.<img src="https://lovelace-media.imgix.net/getty/479472729.jpg?w=320"/>
  • "The stuff in this episode is bonkers. There's a lot of change." - Amy Poehler teasing the finale.
  • "They were in love." - Amy Poehler discussing the blooming bromance between guest star/Mr. Jennifer Aniston-to-be, Justin Theroux, and Tom Haverford/Aziz Ansari.
  • "If they put Perd Hapley on Cosmos ... stoner's delight." - Amy Poehler on what she'd like to see on Cosmos.
  • "I'll take Megan Mullally ... in about 45 minutes." Nick Offerman, zinging on which guest star on the series has been his favorite (sidenote: Mullally is his wife).
  • "He did The Fonz voice and went, 'Oh sorry' and walked away." - Adam Scott on Henry Winkler's inability to be anything other than THE FONZ FOREVER.
  • "I'm just happy to be on the same stage where John Travolta said Adele Dazeem." - Billy Eichner on the Dolby Theater stage (home of the 2014 Oscars).
  • "She gets LAID!" - Retta on what she admires most about her character Donna Meagle.
  • "Knowledge is very dangerous!" - Chris Pratt, ending the evening on a high note.