Billy Eichner is all of the Internet come to life

There's something about that Billy Eichner. The star of Fuse's hilarious and perhaps best-ever game show, Billy on the Streetabout to enter its third season! — may be an acquired taste for some, but he's far from it for those of us who've spent a time or two perusing the Internet. Because Billy Eichner is basically the funniest parts of the Internet come to life.

Parks and Recreation fans might know him better as Craig, the Eagleton equivalent — job-wise, we should specify — of Donna Meagle that we've seen several times this season (and lo, do we want more). He also appeared in a video segment for his show alongside Amy Poehler. But Eichner first got his name in lights with his roving, rambling game show, where he takes to the street to yell, scream, and judge (harshly) the random New York City passerbies [often] forced into playing games to score a little loot with their pop culture knowhow. It's honestly the funniest game show on television (Sorry, Hollywood Game Night — you're a close second, though), likely because Billy Eichner is the embodiment of everything that's worth loving on the World Wide Web. Don't believe us? Well, you monster, allow us to explain why:

He Has Many Opinions

...and if he doesn't like what you say, hoo lawd, watch out:

He's Obsessed with Celebrities

...and he's not afraid to let them know it.

He Just Has So Many FEELINGS

Overreactionary? NO YOU ARE!

He's So Goddamn GIFable

You're great, Billy. Never change.

Image: Rebloggy; WWHL GIFs; Head Over Feels; Giphy [2]