Swatches Of Bronze Kyliner Vs. Dark Bronze Prove How Different The Two Really Are — PHOTOS

When it comes to her cosmetics company, Kylie Jenner’s always got something new and exciting in the works. Now that she’s announced the latest shades to be added to the Kyliner collection, you’re going to need to try and decide which one to purchase. But, I think in the end, you'll find you need both in your life. And yes, that goes for those of you who shopped the Dark Bronze Kyliner, too. Swatches of Bronze Kyliner vs. Dark Bronze Kyliner prove how different the two really are, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have both in your makeup drawer.

The Dark Bronze Kyliner was originally available in Jenner’s Birthday Collection, and if you haven’t already shopped this Limited Edition shade, you likely won’t get another chance to. But, now that Bronze is here, you don’t have to completely miss out on the metallic action. Dark Bronze has a darker tint than the most recent shade. But, it's also different because Jenner went all out and infused this product with real gold.

You won’t find real gold in the Bronze Kyliner that will be available to shop at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on Sept. 23, but you will get deep pigmentation and a subtle metallic sheen. And that doesn’t sound bad at all, now does it?

She's really delivered something special with these new eye liner shades.

Despite their names, Dark Bronze and Bronze really are very different.

Jenner wanted to make the difference known, so she addressed the issue herself.

As you can see, Bronze has very rich coloring.

The metallic finish is a nice touch.

The Kyliner from the Birthday Collection, however, is much darker and is all about that gold shimmer.

This gold-infused liner makes for some incredible eye looks. But, that's not to say that the new Bronze version won't do exactly the same.

When it comes to makeup, Jenner never disappoints. Whether you own Dark Bronze Kyliner or no, you're going to want to add the latest Bronze version to your collection. Jenner's got a way of making people crave whatever she puts out (no matter what color it may be), and I can't say I mind it.

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)