Stucky Couples Costume Ideas Perfect For Marvel-Loving Halloween Duos

Captain America may have finally gotten a kiss in this millennium in Captain America: Civil War, but his relationship with Sharon Carter was the least romantic thing about Marvel's most recent mega-hit. No, the real romance was between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes — or Stucky, as they're called by fans. Yes, after 100 years spent apart, HYDRA brainwashing, and a few brutal punches, Captain America and The Winter Soldier finally found each other in Civil War, and the BFFs from Brooklyn stole all our hearts with their bromance. Since they're such an iconic couple, a Stucky couples Halloween costume is an obvious choice for any duos out there looking to coordinate outfits this holiday.

Obviously, you don't have to be two dudes to rock a Stucky couples costume this Halloween. Hell, you don't even have to be couple, in the traditional sense. You just need to be two people, men or women, who love Stucky and want to do a fun costume idea together. Now, if you're an individual, you can always pick being Captain America or The Winter Soldier and then hope you find your Stucky half out in the night. But, if you've got a pal, and you love Stucky, here are some great ideas for how to coordinate this Hallow's Eve.

Superhero Stucky


Superhero Stucky means you want to be Captain America and The Winter Soldier, not Steve and Bucky. In other words: you want to rock that superhero outfit. Other than just going out and buying an official costume, there's plenty of ways to throw together a decent Captain America and Winter Soldier.

For Captain America, you're gonna want the blue suit. Short of spending a fortune to get the outfit just right, here are a few good DIY tips to get as close as possible without spending your food money on Halloween. First, you need a shirt, like this one from Amazon ($4.99-21.99) that features a classic Captain America look without all the fake bulk of traditional costumes.

Now, if you don't want to spend to much, then you can pair this with your favorite leggings or jeans and call it a day. But, if you want pants to match, you can pair the shirt with matching blue scrubs cargo pants, like the Cherokkee Women's Workwear Scrubs Pull-On Cargo Pant available at Amazon ($4.24-37.16).

Bonus: these pants come in 34 different colors, including black for those of you thinking of going as Winter Soldier instead.

To finish off the look, pick up Captain America's shield — this one is an official Marvel shield from Amazon ($10.99).

Your other half can match you with a similar Winter Soldier getup.

This long sleeved shirt, also available from Amazon ($21.89-21.99), can be paired with black pants (like those cargo scrubs above) to create the Winter Soldier look. If you're not into the cargo scrubs, or want a more men's style pant, check out these Tesla cargo pants.

These "Assault Cargo" pants from Amazon ($19.98-32.98) don't come in blue, so if you want to do the Captain America costume with these, you might have to go khaki.

Stucky 2016


Looking for a more subtle and topical Stucky costume this year? If you're not so into the superhero costumes and you want something with a lot of fun details, try going as a pair of everyday Stucky lovers. What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, it's pretty simple.

Rock matching election tees for the Rogers and Barnes 2016 ticket, like this one from Amazon available in both Men and Women's cuts ($14.99). I know, you want to be Stucky, you don't want to be twins. To differentiate yourself from you Stucky Halloween partner, don't be afraid to use liberal amounts of accessories.

One of you can rock a Captain America shield (seen above), while the other can pick up Winter Soldier armbands, like these sold by iGlowRunning on Etsy ($25).

You can also accessorize with personalized dog tags, perfect for these army buddies — these are from aSaltyShop on Etsy ($16).

If you really want to show off your Stucky game, the devil is in the details. Check out these super cute Stucky earrings from Gadget4Entertainment on Etsy ($18.33).

A Man's Best Friend


Finally, if you really want to do a Stucky Halloween costume, but can't find anyone to do it with you, just dress up as Winter Soldier and draft your dog to be your Captain America using this Captain America for pets costume from ($14.99).

Whether your Stucky costume is any part man, woman, or dog, just try to make sure you don't start a Civil War if you cross paths with Iron Man out on the street.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy (3); Amazon (6); Etsy (3); BuyCostumes