When Will 'Power' Return For Season 4? Starz Should Bring This Show Back ASAP

Just as the weather is beginning to shift and the season officially changes, so too has the TV season switched from summer — an underrated time for great shows — back to the packed fall season. The Starz musical drama series Power, which has been a ratings success for the network and continued to improve over the course of the second and third seasons, was renewed for a fourth and fifth season. The series is about to go on off-season hiatus, so when will Power Season 4 premiere?

Unfortunately, even though the show is seriously valued by the network, that doesn't mean it will make the upcoming season return faster. Power has always been a summer show, and that means that like the past three season premieres, it will likely be back in early/mid summer 2017. That means waiting nearly a year to find out if Tommy's attempts to kill Ghost are successful. However, with so much TV on in the interim, there are plenty of places to find more shows that, like Power, involve the music industry and/or are about attempting to ascend in a difficult industry. These fall shows will help ease that pain.


Power is almost like a cable version of Empire, minus some of the crazier moments. If you've ever wanted more singing, less business, and more out of nowhere character decisions, it's a no brainer to check it out.

The Get Down

I sometimes feel like the only person who fell in love with this series instead of Stranger Things this summer. Hip hop and disco are woven into the fabric of this series, which perfectly captures how everything from a heat wave to the sounds of an overhead train can serve as creative inspiration.


As a contrast, if you love business, then watch Ballers, which lovingly recreates how even the most crassly and nakedly materialistic people can have rare moments of charm and pride in doing their jobs well.

Ray Donovan

Both Ray and Ghost are men who are great at their (highly dangerous and illegal) jobs but can barely do anything else. Dysfunctional families and lots of thrilling criminal moments abound in both shows.

Survivor's Remorse

As another Starz series, Survivor's Remorse and Power go hand in hand. Both are about how gaining success and money can attract trouble and makes for a lot of different things to balance.


It's a new series, and one that's only aired a handful of episodes, but so far it's proven to be one of the most thoughtful examinations of the crossroads between music, in this case rap, and regular life. Paperboi and Ern are already two of the most carefully shaded characters of fall 2016.

So fear not. Even with Power off the air for the next year, there's still plenty of great TV to watch in the meantime.

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