'Survivor's Remorse' Will Be Back

No one knows better than LeBron James what it's like to go from a normal person to a huge basketball star — he became famous while he was still playing in high school. And he's lending that knowledge to Starz's Survivor's Remorse, a drama James executive produces that is all about the sometimes parasitic relationships between a new sports star and their family and friends. With the Season 3 finale on Sept. 25, when will Survivor's Remorse return for Season 4? We already know the show will be returning, since Starz already renewed it for a fourth season in August 2016.

Generally speaking, shows premiere around the same time each year, and since Survivor's Remorse has always been a summer show and Starz hasn't made any announcements about changing the schedule, I'd predict that it will be back sometime in summer 2017, probably in either late June or July.

That's a long time to wait for new episodes of any show, especially if it's a personal favorite, so it makes sense to help pass the time with some other shows. Even though there might not be another series that captures the young athlete experience in the same way, there's other shows that take on similar themes.


One thing I've noticed is that there aren't many cable dramas about the sports world. However, this half-hour series from HBO qualifies, even though it's a bit lighter than Survivor's Remorse.

Hard Knocks

Also an HBO series, Hard Knocks is a documentary that follows a different NFL team every season — this year, the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams — through their training camp.

30 For 30

You can watch a whole bunch of these documentaries on Netflix about different sports stories. If you like Survivor's Remorse, I'd recommend in particular checking out "Broke," which tells the story of many athletes, mostly former basketball stars, who lose their money due to bad spending.

Queen Sugar

If you're tuning into Survivor's Remorse because of the family dynamics, you might enjoy OWN's new series about a woman, formerly a basketball wife, who comes into money of her own when she inherits an old sugar plantation.

How To Get Away With Murder

Another surprising thing about Survivor's Remorse is that it flips the way women are usually portrayed in shows about successful or powerful men. Any Shonda Rhimes show would apply here, but no one's more of a HBIC than Annalise, so How to Get Away With Murder applies.


It airs on the same network and has a lot of the same positive qualities as Survivor's Remorse. Both are underrated but great dramas, both have to do with black families getting an influx of wealth, and both series will be back for more episodes in summer 2017.

Hope these hold you over until then!

Images: Starz; Jon Daly/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy (2)