Unique 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costumes To Impress Your Friends With

I think it was about three episodes into Stranger Things when I knew, I just knew, that this year's Halloween costume would be inspired by it. I mean, how could I not want to dress up in honor of this show? It's optimal Halloween fodder because it has all of the elements that constitute the most beloved Halloween costume tropes. For example, Stranger Things is spooky, paranormal, popular while still being pretentiously niche, and a period piece. You really can't lose here. Which is why I was looking at some unique Stranger Things costumes and thought you might want to take a browse along with me.

While I had my heart set on dressing up as Eleven, I am fully aware that she'll probably be the most popular, and, let's be real, overdone costume out there. So, I was particularly glad that these costumes by especially creative fans helped broaden my horizons. I'm still on the fence about being Eleven, but at least now I have some real options if I ultimately decide to do something a bit different.

Here are some unique Stranger Things Halloween costumes that you can emulate or put your own spin on if you see fit:

Joyce Byers And/Or Will-In-The-Wall


Jacket, $34, Lookbook Store | Shirt , $11, Forever 21 | Lights , $12, Target


Shirt, $36, Yoox | LED lights, $15, Target

Why these lights specifically? Because they're small and easy to attach to a shirt, and they're battery powered so they work while you're portable.

Black Fabric Paint, $3, Walmart

Last but not least, black fabric paint, in order to write out the alphabet, is $3 at Walmart.

Honestly, the best part about this costume is that you can it be a joint one, or you can simply choose to be one or the other.

Eleven In The Government Building

Yes, I recognize Doug is in fact, a pug. But there's absolutely nothing stopping you if you want to recreate his look. It's so easy to do, and it's a different take on Eleven than what everyone else seems to be doing (at least cosplay-wise).

Pipe Cleaners, $1, Michael's

Michael's has a 25 pack for $1. You really can't go wrong.

Hospital Gown, $8, Nursing Home Apparel

You can grab a hospital gown for $8.00 at nursinghomeapparel.com.


Why be Eleven who loves Eggos when you can be Eggos? Or, at least, the characters' — namely Mike and Eleven's — affinity for the treats. This fan created an Eggo costume, and it's possibly one of the best nods to the show without being totally obvious that I've seen yet.

How does one exact this? Well, its probably the most simple costume yet. Get a box of Eggos, toast one, and hot glue gun it to a hard headband.

A whole box of Eggos (to eat and craft with) are only $2.38 at Walmart.

Headbands, $3, Walmart

And, also at Walmart, this headband pack is $3.48

Hot Glue Gun, $9, Walmart

In fact, this is one stop shopping. Walmart also offers a hot glue gun kit for $9.

The final thing to do to complete this costume would be to print out a picture of a large Eggo as the fan did above, and express your love for them, in which ever way you see fit, around the image. You can glue that to a stick or tack it on your shirt with some safety pins or even the hot glue gun, if it's a shirt you don't mind making a permanent homage to breakfast food. And that's really it. Inexpensive and unique.

The Demogorgon

Skinsuit, $21, Oriental Trading

There are other iterations of the demogorgon costume that you can exact, other than emulating the fanart of the monster above. But, man, does it look complicated.

Exhibit A:

See what I mean?

If you want to be a demogorgon, keep things fresh, and not have a meltdown creating your costume, just add some speech bubbles that you can hold up on a stick.

For instance, "Mmm, Barb," or "Where's Will?" would be sufficient enough to get you recognized. Just grab some card stock (it's stiffer than construction and computer paper so it should stay upright), cut it into a speech bubble shape, and glue it to a large popsicle stick. Then, either type up the sayings or write them out. You can use the hot glue gun kit from Walmart above to put it together.

Cardstock, $5, Walmart

Cardstock is $5 at Walmart.

Craft Sticks, $5, Walmart

And large craft sticks are $5 also at Walmart.

Sure, there are going to be a lot of people dressed up as Stranger Things characters this Halloween, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun with it.

Images: Netflix; Walmart; Oriental Trading; NursingHomeApparel.com; Lookbook Store; Aeropostale; Target; Yoox